Multimedia digital signage how to stand out?

September 9, 2016

     According to understand, doing now digital signage at thousands of companies, since the rise of digital signage, experienced and novice, to start the business industry of digital signage, appearance is more and more high-end atmosphere, content is more and more rich and colorful, interactive way more and more diverse, is finding wider and wider application scenario, the solution is more and more perfect. This seems to be a booming industry. However, any one industry in the process of development, will encounter all sorts of problems.

Just follow do not every popular industry can succeed, and not every unpopular industry no one can be successful, important thing is how to do, blind track sometimes backfire, products are often to be decided according to the demand of the market, and stands out not only want to rely on marketing, the product itself is also a big chip, only close to the user on the function, higher than that of other products, we can more winning hearts and minds, digital signage applications, DDW adjusted this information to the personage inside course of study.

     Application field

     1. Banks and other financial institutions (business queries within the operating point, services)

      2. Telecommunications (business queries within the business hall, experience hall business promotion)

      3. The government agency (public information release, government)

      4. The shopping center (guides, merchants and commodity inquiry, advertising)

      5. Fashion goods flagship stores, specialty stores (product)

      6. The company reception room or meeting room (company introduction, the exhibition)

      7. Exhibition hall design company (activity room)

      8. Auto 4 s shops show (models)

      9. The furniture and works of art stores (show)

      10. The theater (movie trailer and trailer appreciate)

      11. Real estate sales hall, chain real estate intermediary shop window (door model and landscape effect display)

      12. Office buildings and apartment hall (ads)

      The product features

      1. Support all the computer network, including LAN, wan, ADSL broadband, 3 g, WLAN network, such as can be achieved across the network segment and wan application;

     2. The video files: MPEG1 MPEG2 / MPEG4 / AVI/VOB/WMV/DIVX/MOV/RM/RMVB, etc;

     3. The image formats: JPG, GIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, common image format;

     4) support multiple broadcast content: video, pictures, live TV, web, RSS, news, foreign exchange rate, the weather, flight information, etc.

     5. Support high-definition screens arbitrary partition;

     6. Through the information release software can manage the ads terminal individual or group;

     7. Support for remote monitoring, time switch machine, restart, etc., signal switching, sound size control;

     8. Through the network to realize the content from the server to the advertising terminal instant or timing transmission;

     9. Any cutting pictures, play the video at the same time. Pictures, text noninterference, colour is abounded, can double screen display, achieve the best effect of advertising;

     10. Perfect combination with touch screen, the user can directly on the screen operation, excellent experience;

     11. Support multi-level interactive programming, support the infinite class hierarchy;

     12. Support multi-level menu showing regional free space, flexible layout.

     DDW always people-oriented, according to the development of science and technology, combined with the application of the industry, close to the user's experience, will be more cost-effective, LCD become commercial shows that the choice of the industry, the above data is DDW requirements for their products in different industry excellence, hope these data can also has certain reference value to the dealer show industry.