Must understand the advertisement machine these, can not be cheated!

July 4, 2017

    Creative ways often bring shock or unforgettable advertisement effect, at the same time, as a carrier of advertisement, LCD advertising machine of the birth of a certain extent, changed the way the spread of advertising, in major shopping malls, office buildings, Banks, real estate sales hall, the hall of various types of liquid crystal display and advertising machine plays a variety of commercial information, gives customers the impact on the vision, constantly attract customer's eye.

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    LCD advertising machine and popular, more and more companies and institutions have to choose the suitable for the company's image of brand display LCD advertising machine, so as to implement a followed the trend of information dissemination. But LCD advertising machine and is not a simple matter of choose and buy, because the LCD advertising machine needs to be based on customer requirements and main use to decide, if only to see the appearance of the liquid crystal advertisement machine and the size, it is hard to choose the suitable advertising machine, which is why there will be a building advertising machine, elevator ads, outdoor advertising machine, vertical advertising machine, double-sided advertising machine, and other types of advertising. Therefore, when choosing an advertising machine, we should fully understand the quality and function of the product, and not only look at the surface of the advertisement machine.

    First of all, we choose machine primary purpose of advertising is used to spread advertising information, and businesses choose the purpose of advertising machine is used for advertising to promote, so choose advertising confidential mainly reflects its value of existence. Therefore, the appearance of the advertisement machine must be to be able to make everyone fresh and fresh, and secondly, the function of the advertisement machine should be convenient and practical, which can better serve the advertising communication. For example, if your AD machine is equipped with the ability to print coupons, it can better serve customers and better interact with customers. Second, the price is advertising machine, when we choose the appearance of good advertising machine, size and function configuration, the price is our final focus, however, function and appearance usually sophisticated LCD advertising machine, must not cheap, but not highly cost-effective products. Domestic advertising machine price is lower, the function of foreign is good but in addition to offer a few taller, foreign users use habits and domestic large difference, so when the choose and buy advertising machine, tend to be more likely to domestic customers, and eventually be shop around, you can choose to demand satisfaction need appropriate advertising machine.

    For each large LCD advertising machine factory home, the brand and the product can guarantee the quality and the cost performance, besides, also need to think about the after-sales service. Select and standardize the manufacturers, contrast can be easily placed into the high quality advertising machine. Shenzhen schindler is specialized is engaged in the research and development, production, marketing, after-sales service is one of the high-tech private enterprises, mainly provide LCD monitors, LCD splicing screen, high-definition splicing screen, advertising machine, touch all-in-one PC, etc. Series of products and industry solutions. In LCD advertising machine but also has many years of industry experience, whether in regard to the development of advertising machine function, or in terms of product customization has certain industry accumulation, more importantly, LCD advertising machine also obtained the appearance design patent certificate, therefore, to see in the face of time, whether it's "appearance level" and "hardware", the DDW LCD advertising machine should be a good choice.