Narrow edge seamless Mosaic will open high-end display industry

September 2, 2016

LCD splicing screen is limited by the seam is too wide, not applied in some high-end display industry good development, but with the progress of liquid crystal splicing flat-fell seam technology, with high profile LCD splicing products are to display the whole industry.

As is known to all, the LCD splicing while single effect is excellent, and has many characteristics, such as use of flexible, but subject to the imaging principle, its flat-fell seam problems existed in the picture of the whole is poorer, clear sense makes it hard for the LCD splicing satisfies the requirement of the integrity on the image of high-end applications. LCD splicing screen now, however, has been a breakthrough flat-fell seam the technical bottleneck, nearly period of LG electronics out of 1.8 mm flat-fell seam is to pull the LCD splicing into seamless splicing. Liquid crystal splicing screen from 3.5 mm to 1.8 mm flat-fell seam flat-fell seam across, let LCD splicing screen for high-end industry a good prospect of application.

Liquid crystal splicing screen display in the center of the high-end security monitoring application prospect. In recent years, China's peace, wisdom, city projects such as the horse, drive the rapid development of the security industry, and the security application can't depart from the support of large screen display monitor equipment. The monitoring center due to bear the important responsibility for security, so for the monitor display screen image complete degree requirements is very high, especially when you need to display such as line graphs, flat-fell seam is likely to be the picture of the LCD splicing. And 1.8 mm micro flat-fell seam display effect is almost seamless splicing, LCD splicing 1.8 mm flat-fell seam introduced to further weaken the LCD splicing in flat-fell seam, which makes the LCD splicing screen has the application of capital from high-end security monitoring center, also let more high-end large screen splicing industry market to the LCD splicing opened the door.

The LCD splicing screen studio background application of screen to be bestowed favor on newly in the radio, film and television industry. Another typical high-end field is radio and television industry, due to the pursuit of picture, on the choice of studio background screen, television stations are often more favours can ensure video image complete feeling super narrow edge stitching display, say 3.5 mm ultra narrow side LCD splicing screen has been paved the way predominantly studio system in the field of radio, film and television. And 1.8 mm flat-fell seam LCD splicing and other technical camp in the gap of the sew has become negligible, especially in the display of more than 5 meters distance viewing distance, the LCD splicing of flat-fell seam is enough to satisfy the requirement of the current display, as a result, liquid crystal splicing screen with its ultra clear, ultra thin and light, long life, flexible installation, low cost, energy saving advantages such as low energy consumption, in the field of domestic splicing shows its high cost performance will be more and more highlighted.

In addition to the security, two representative high-end display of radio, film and television industry, the narrow side LCD splicing in various display areas such as virtual simulation, exhibition display, terminal application prospects in the field of information release, etc.