New era digital display system application "hair-trigger"

June 28, 2017

    In the 21st century, the whole social economic system of the operating system and operation mode in the digital iteration, among them with super digital application system structure of digital signage industry has rushed to the innovation advantage, will be the most intelligent applications of radiation to all walks of life, digital display system and the service industry becomes more and more prominent.

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    Throughout the application of the present digital signage in the service industry is very broad, according to the use requirements of people, in a circular fixed playback mode of traditional digital signage, added more new interactive touch on intelligent technology skills, so that we can improve the man-machine touch of the sense, satisfy diversified customers' needs. Display applications, such as the airport of digital signage is no longer a simple advertising, that is integrated the display, query, interactive touch application function, the time feeling extremely enhance the experience!


    Now with the new project of service industry and to constantly improve the service requirement, the application of digital signage in the service industry is more and more exquisite, for improving the quality of service on the standard of play a crucial role. The emperor ai emperor as a commercial display suppliers, has always been popular in the field of digital sign, it is in addition to the use of innovative hardware processing to deep processing of images showed the quality, and after a built-in system of constant innovation to upgrade, the dynamic information transmission system in the digital audio technology, network IP digital transmission, graphic, audio and video and other multimedia network production, transmission and control play, can release to the multiple display terminal, in the application process according to user's personality customization demand can touch points to a wealth of information content, a comprehensive digital services.


    DDW digital signage multitouch control can follow one's inclinations of the implementation of the digital service system, it is a dominated by digital information transfer of the software system, digital signage can be precise, efficient broadcasting, remote controls, split screen display value, and can satisfy the hd broadcast over a long period of time, compatible with rich digital system equipment, and fully implement when playing a strong interactive touch function, innovation operation mode, let people experience the digital display system of imminent!


    High DDW is a new business enterprise, has the rich technical experience, whether in the digital signage industry or splicing screen application field has a rich technical precipitation, cope with the tide of digital era, the DDW will continue to improve, enrich and develop innovation ability and resources to apply the best display solution to change to support service system optimization, from all walks of life to upgrade!