Outdoor advertising machine is not fire

October 18, 2016

    In recent years, with the accelerating urbanization and economic development, constantly improve the living standards, transportation development, people's outdoor activities frequently, spirit to enjoy requirements under the condition of continuously strengthen, the outdoor advertising business have mushroomed rapid development of our country. Due to the outdoor advertising constant audience radiating surface, low cost and efficient communication effect, more and more popular with advertisers. It is in this under the huge market opportunity, in the outdoor media and television, newspapers, magazines, radio, and listed as the fifth big media, outdoor advertising machine not only become the city's fashion coat, but also bear the very important role in spreading in cities, especially city developed commodity economy and the cultural quality of one of the marks.

    Throughout history, from the outside, outdoor advertising from appears to have been in the stage of history of modern and enduring, they spread the advantages of the city and urban culture connotation. Outdoor advertising in the early, no too much bearing culture idea and spirit inheritance, but with the development of the society, the spread of the outdoor advertising in itself, content and methods of performance in a certain period of cities have their own unique style. From the ancient to sell in the modern time, call centers, lanterns, flags, signs, neon signs, and intelligent trend of development to the present, outdoor advertising in every step of the timeline on the history of the footprints of the implicit people's psychological state, then affects people's value orientation, and to a certain extent, embodies the social development level and the humanities style, graphical display posture, facial expression and form, the city became a record and show the important carrier of culture.

    DDW market analyst review three major elements of outdoor advertising machine is mainly environmental factors, social factors, cultural factors. Environmental factors such as the us billboard, banner ads, window advertising, body advertising, neon lights advertising, electronic display screen and so on, in various forms, covering the bus, subway, shopping mall, parking lot, the side of the road, such as office buildings, community building, streets of outdoor advertising can be seen everywhere.

    Social factors, smooth surfaces of the world, sleepless night and image, or to spread information, form not only enrich people's cultural life, and to an extent still exerts a subtle influence and lead the trends of the life of people, add to the aesthetic interest of people's art. So it for economic development, consumption tendency, the value orientation, the urban culture has an important influence and role, as an indicator of urban development, reflects the spirit of the whole city, and spread and reflect the content and form is the concentrated embody the political culture, the city of economic prosperity, such as the status quo, has great social significance.

    Cultural factors reflected in the fusion of different region culture characteristic and the historical background of outdoor advertising can make regions reflect their own unique flavor, such as center of Shanghai, to crossing, crowded places of natural outdoor advertisement and city planning, the bund, nanjing road, sichuan road north, the city god temple with advertising mutual reflect, such as Chinese and foreign style each different, each has its own characteristics, blend intersection extremely urban scenery line. High-rise buildings in pudong, old Simon's alley, hongqiao area garden houses and so on.

    Past those ubiquitous small banner, small card boring not only affects the city, it is difficult to clean and some viscous strong little CARDS next, after the arrival of advertising machine, finally have the way to alleviate this situation, the streets are placed a lot of wonderful LCD advertising machine, playing some information such as advertising, entertainment, every day as part of the route every day, can have the effect of rich city, can also help businesses attract more potential customers to buy its products, mutual benefit and win-win progress, also can do some public welfare advertisement, in short, function, so the current outdoor advertising machine is welcome by the market.