Outdoor advertising machine power wisdom urban construction

August 5, 2016

    With the progress of social technology, outdoor advertising is gradually from the traditional static billboards rapidly to dynamic digital transformation. Outdoor advertising machine spread information will not be affected by the weather and can bring good visual and auditory enjoyment, can be widely applied to outdoor advertising, outdoor public information release, outdoor media, touch interactive query in areas such as all-weather, greatly improve the picture administrative levels sense, can better details. As the outdoor advertising machine usage scenarios from half outdoor to full outdoor gradually expanded, its challenges and more diversified.

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    The brightness of the outdoor advertising machine industry standard is needed in the shining of the skylight environment 1500 CD/M2 (later referred to as "CD) can call it outdoor displays. Recently, a German professional digital signage consultants for outdoor display a set of evaluation. Through a set of CD from 450 to 3000 CD display contrast effects can be intuitive feel, only 1500 CD the brightness of the display effect under the condition of the sun. Means that only 1500 of the CD of display brightness can cause decay and loss of visual information, cannot have the effect of attract attention. However, samsung OHD series outdoor display brightness can be as high as 3000 CD, full beyond industry standard double, even in the face of midday light can also ensure clear and bright display, make image "light".

    "Anti glare" as a screen technology, has been widely used in mobile phones, tablet and display, etc. In daily life. But for outdoor advertising machine, if you don't want to be a "public pier glass," requires higher anti glare index. Especially when applied in traffic industry information display scenario, if the display is not clear or light refraction, etc., will cause great hidden trouble of road safety. Samsung outdoor advertising machine through the use of unique technology, by enhancing image contrast and samsung exclusive patented reflex eliminate membrane, can effectively enhance your visibility and reduce the screen of specular reflection. At the same time, samsung outdoor advertising machine is not only "anti glare," also "polarized". Through the application of the circular polarization technology, solve the traditional liquid crystal display in the human eye wear polarized sunglasses when viewed "show blind area" problem, more comprehensive protection to the road traffic safety.

    Outdoor advertising machine is an important terminal in urban informatization construction, wisdom is one of the important elements to build urban business card. The development of outdoor advertising machine will provide the wisdom of the urban construction in China with strong boost.