Outdoor LCD advertising machine how to defend themselves?

February 20, 2017

    Outdoor LCD advertising machine, regardless of the wind rain or the hot sun hot, can appear in front of people, providing a good visual and auditory enjoyment. Outdoor LCD function in outdoor use, has nothing to do with the influence of the weather, let's look at it with indoor advertising machine have what different protective functions:

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    Protection grade:

    IP55, body contact with the outside place with a rubber strip (car door strip), into the dust outlet with 3 m moisture-proof seal, ensure the normal operation of heavy rains and dust weather equipment, waterproof, dustproof, moisture effectively.


    Whole cabinet design won't appear a screw, from external to internal can only be opened by the outdoor connecting rod lock, the lock has three layers of protection, lock of guard against theft of national class B standard.

    Lightning protection:

    Inside the product is equipped with lightning protection device, the maximum discharge current 40 ka

    Grounding and electric leakage protection:

    Conduction, all the components inside the product all electric parts must be grounded, into the line source is equipped with industrial electric leakage protection switch, leakage protection level of outdoor products.

    Outdoor cooling:

    Inside the product is equipped with display temperature intelligent temperature control board and temperature probe, according to the feedback from the temperature probe temperature to adjust the speed of the cooling fan strength, reach the role of temperature adjustment, energy conservation and environmental protection.

    The above is the protective function of outdoor LCD advertising machine, outdoor advertising machine will not be affected by the weather to show the information you are outdoors, the outdoor information dissemination of good visual and auditory enjoyment, can be widely applied to the outdoor advertising, outdoor public information release, outdoor media, touch the interactive query, etc.