Outdoor Media Advertising King Outdoor LCD Advertising Machine

April 20, 2017

  With the advent of the digital era, a variety of new forms of media continue to emerge in the advertising market, LCD advertising media is a new form of outdoor advertising. Outdoor advertising is more and more favored by more and more users because of its low price, high reaching rate and good short-term rate of return.


  in addition, "LCD era" to LCD advertising media development with a needle tonic". All along, the most difficult to make the advertising industry is how to improve the accuracy of the target audience in the advertising machine. In recent years, the rise of the reshuffle of various new media and traditional media and cross media cooperation, the price and value of the media and advertisers in the face of fission surge, origin of advertising media trend, there is also a pick hualiaoyan feeling, they often take advertising intensive bombing, using a variety of media to spread around three-dimensional, this strategy sometimes can make the brand of some products is known to every family, however, paid a high price in return for the cost of it may be "the artillery fly". The low degree of diversity of Chinese advertising media, resulting in a large number of advertising (70% ~ 80%) consumed in the positioning of the wrong audience. The LCD media because of its choice in the media is a small niche for the purpose, so the audience can be highly accurate differentiation. In the process of mass marketing to marketing, the LCD media can make the advertisement more effectively spread to the target audience.

  It can be said that the initiative to improve the attention of consumers is the most important advantages of LCD advertising media. Such as watching TV to listen to the radio, every ad on the turntable; read the newspaper, directly over the advertising page; Internet, a pop-up ad immediately press the close button. So that consumers pay attention to advertising and memory will decline, leading to the waste of advertising.


  However, LCD advertising media as a high-tech product, active attention to its vivid images and vivid colors to attract consumers, plus its broadcast time is generally the target audience more idle boring waiting time, so most of the audience will not have a reverse psychology of it, it will take the initiative to choose watch. Data show that in an installed LCD advertising media building audience crowd, 74.2% people waiting for the elevator will often focus on the LCD advertising media TV broadcast content in every one, every day watching people reached 45.9%. Love this LCD TV media advertising audience reached 71%, the biggest reason is they think they did not waste time in accepting the advertising information at the same time, back to the boring waiting time to add some active atmosphere.

  in addition, LCD advertising media broadcast form is very flexible, it can be combined with local marketing activities. For example, at the bottom of the screen to scroll subtitles in the form of the broadcast promotional products in the local, it can effectively reduce the distance between the consumer and the specific products, to promote the completion within a short period of time buying behavior. From the propagation environment, LCD advertising media advertising environment is relatively simple, the organic integration of it and closed space and office buildings, hotels, supermarkets, high-grade residential places such as the advertising not only greatly reduce the interference, viewing characteristics can produce more semi mandatory, compared with other media contact frequency, the audience daily exposure to the LCD advertising machine is much higher than the frequency of media access to other media frequency.

  For advertisers, the most attractive place for liquid crystal advertising media is their low cost. Compared with the traditional media, outdoor LCD advertising media due to its effective arrival rate is high, so the cost of thousands of people is relatively low. The emergence of liquid crystal media in public places, the new media itself is easy to become a focus of attention. For example, flow liquid crystal media present in Shanghai city streets has attracted many curious consumers wait-and-see, many consumers even followed the "advertising", broadcast advertising information carefully on the LCD TV, this will lead to a collective behavior in the invisible, have wide spread effect. In addition, due to LCD advertising media are on a small range of floating population, it transmits the product information easily become the focus of public opinion, the common concern and discussion led to this population, at the same time attention between family to colleagues, or similar to consumer groups, so that they relate to LCD video advertising. Just think, if an office white-collar workers after watching an advertisement, have this comment, appreciation or dispute or brand awareness was enhanced in imperceptibly, spread effect of the "word of mouth" also believe that advertiser can save a lot of advertising costs.

  The concept and function of LCD advertising machine

  LCD advertising machine is a new generation of intelligent devices that use standard LCD display, LCD TV, through the network and multimedia systems to achieve information display and video advertising.

  Digitization, networking and informationization are the characteristics of multimedia advertising machine, multimedia advertising machine with stand-alone and network advertising machine, LCD advertising machine stand-alone version, the CF card, SD card, U disk, disk storage device, hot swappable, convenient and quick replacement of content. At the same time, low cost, suitable for small department stores, services, catering and other enterprises.

  Network advertising machine, the player can be used in the end of the intelligent management module to achieve remote management and control of the player, and the server to achieve a complete network protocol and remote management and control functions. The utility model can realize the flexible management of the remote terminal, the quality of the multimedia broadcast is not limited by the bandwidth, the channel is not restricted by the server, and can be provided with any multiple channels. Not only for hundreds of thousands of players to centralized management, but also can be divided into hierarchical distributed management.

  the current outdoor media, has long been a breakthrough in the form of a single billboard type, the emergence of more new outdoor media. Can be divided into two main categories: print advertising and media advertising. Although the advertisement cost is low, but the relative limitations too, give people the feeling is not natural, and media advertising LCD advertising machine with its clear images, vivid images, vivid display effect firmly established a leading position.

  With the progress of science and the wide use of digital media, the idea of integration is becoming more and more perfect, the outdoor media has become the new darlings of the advertising industry in twenty-first Century Chinese, its development potential is far higher than that of the traditional TV media, newspapers and magazines.