Parsing The LCD Splicing Screen In The Advantage In The Security Monitoring System

September 14, 2016

    LCD splicing security terminal display device as an important part of security monitoring system, its performance directly influences the whole security system will be able to give full play to the role, directly affects the social stability and harmony.From long-term development, as a security control command platform security terminal display devices are bound to implement production scheduling automation, security monitoring, digital information resources integration center control management.latest company news about Parsing The LCD Splicing Screen In The Advantage In The Security Monitoring System  0
    After recent years of rapid development, the LED LCD splicing screen ultra-thin, ultra narrow side, any stitching, multilayer roaming and a series of technical innovation, currently on the market's largest LCD splicing unit can reach 60 inches, small volume and light weight, convenient installation.
    From the aspects of safety monitor of the long-term development perspective, the LCD splicing screen of security monitoring, dispatching automation, digital information resources integration and the center control management, and other functions for safety monitoring provides a new development path.LCD splicing wall system function is getting stronger and stronger, in order to facilitate the operation of the system and management, in the future will be in technology into the design of more intelligent, LCD splicing wall is composed of multiple LCD splicing unit patchwork, due to the differences between each LCD unit, and after long time use, different display unit will show different color, so make sure the color of the display unit consistency, the uniformity of brightness, flat-fell seam edge alignment is very important.
    Future LCD splicing wall can realize network, and will also further enhance the function, it can not only to the terminal display, also can increase some practical function, in order to realize the value, and most importantly, can realize the household consumption.Current security products are not only used in public and commercial fields, more and more families are increasingly using security products to protect their own private place, therefore, the security needs of industrial products, not just the same need to consumer products, big screen splicing display from high-end gradually into the mid-range.