Precautions LCD monitor routine maintenance

August 5, 2016

LCD monitor routine maintenance points:

1, the LCD monitor at work, do not boot with the fan off, otherwise it will shorten the life of the monitor.

2, do not let the LCD monitor for a long time in the standby mode of operation.

3, the LCD monitor should be placed in a clean and ventilated environment.

4, remember not the LCD monitor placed in a sealed cabinet.

5, do not scratch it with a hard object, the impact of the liquid crystal display, so as not to affect its display.

6. Do not use the LCD monitor for long periods, it is best to open a few times over a period of time in order to avoid reducing the insulating performance of the electronic components.

7. Do not place the LCD monitor in direct sunlight place, in order to avoid accelerated aging.

8. Do not put the LCD monitor and other appliances used together, because the LCD monitor susceptible to magnetic interference.

9. Do the plastic covering the LCD monitor, making it more conducive to heat dissipation.

10, if found to have the LCD monitor image flicker, brightness brighten and a white horizontal line flyback and other anomalies, should immediately stop using and timely maintenance.