Samsung announced the sale of one millionth of a curved monitor

August 5, 2016

Based in South Korea, Samsung has notified the sale of the one millionth of a curved monitor. On such outstanding achievements developer has informed on their official online portal yesterday.
As you know, my first curved monitor Samsung renowned developer presented to the public back in 2014. New 27-inch was named Samsung SD590C. The radius of curvature of the screen reached the figure of 4,000 mm. Since then, the brand continued to develop in this area and as of the last quarter of last 2015 Samsung accounted for over 85% of all sales of curved displays in the world. It is worth noting that the development of the South Korean popular brand used mostly among fans of video games with improved contrast and wide viewing angles.

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Despite selling millions and monitor progress in this area Samsung is not going to stop there. So, were previously presented at once two new developments - CF591 and CF390. By the end of this month, new items will appear also in Russia.


According to available information, in the period from October to December last 2015 Samsung Electronics managed to take a dominant position in the world market on the level of implementation of the curved computer monitors, controlling about 68%. The annual share of the company from South Korea reaches 70%. As for the second place, it has got the developer from China - HKC. The company has managed to pick up a more than 14% of the world market. The top three sales and deliveries of curved computer monitors also hit the US Dell brand reclaimed 4%. Further, with the index of 3% and 1%, respectively, were placed Acer and HP. In the past 2015 curved monitors just went on sale, but they have already sold more than 900 thousand units, said WitsView. Such devices are very popular in the Internet cafes, especially in China. As experts believe, the 2016 delivery of monitors will increase to 1.8 million units.