Samsung Display will determine OLED TV panel production technology in May

August 5, 2016

Korean media reported on ETNews 23, the industry sources, Samsung Electronics, Samsung Display will determine OLED TV panel production technology in May. Samsung Display is testing combined with chemical vapor deposition (Chemical Vapor Deposition; CVD) and ink-jet printing process (inkjet printing) of the new method, the two types alternate, improve the yield rate. The OLED material is not heat resistant, easy to damage the deposition of etching, interspersed with inkjet method can reduce the failure.

Samsung Display uses CVD machine and Kateeva inkjet device application materials, constantly revised production technology, OLED stacked layers from 5 layers to 3 layers. Samsung OLED using their own WOLED (White OLED) technology, and LGD, we can significantly reduce the cost and ensure the market competitiveness.

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It is understood that the Samsung Display will finalize the large OLED production investment plans, initial amount is probably 3 trillion won ($2 billion 440 million). Industry representatives said that Samsung display that the OLED TV panel prices, for consumers is still too expensive. The company need developed for new technology, must before entering the market, obtain the price competitive advantage, in order to grab dominance.


Korean media BusinessKorea last November 13, quoted industry sources report, Samsung display efferent has suspended the operation of the "fifth generation LCD panel production line" L5, directly to the sale of the equipment, the next May will invest in OLED, hope can be opened and the gap between the land.

Market speculation, Samsung Display can create OLED panel production line, directly in the L5 plant (Apple Inc.) apple supply required. A people in the industry pointed out that in China's LCD panel makers recently began expansion of advancing, Samsung will actually invest large sums of money on the LCD panel line, or to shift the focus to the OLED, is the focus that everybody pays close attention to.


Reuters reported in November 18th that OLED quality is superior to the traditional LCD, but also more power, because the price is high, it is difficult to popularize. LG Electronics announced that the company production technology greatly enhance, in margin compression, paragraph 6 of OLED TV prices at kill 45%, which the two pricing fell to less than $2000, far below the $14999 2013 LG's first OLED TV. Vice President Lee Jeong-seok said that the price of OLED TV for the first time to the affordable price band.


TV market saturation, but also by weak demand, LCD gross profit greatly reduced but LG electronic TV sector profits, Q3 plunged 73%, to rely on OLED to improve profitability. The OLED for wisdom and wearable devices, the larger size of the main panel, manufacturing process more complex, LG Group panel factory LG display (LGD) intends to 2018, hit 10 trillion won: Korean won ($86.4 billion), the development of OLED technology and consider to build the three TV size OLED production line