Samsung LCD panel market share fell to fifth in the first quarter

August 5, 2016

Sina Technology News April 26th morning news, today's market research firm IHS released 2016 first quarter LCD panel Market shipments, which Samsung LCD panel market share fell to fifth for the first time.IHS data show that Samsung showed the first quarter shipments of 2243, the market share of 14.5%, ranking fifth. And the first four followed by LG display (3749 million, 24.3%), BOE (2666 million and 17.3%), AU Optronics (2444 million, 15.8%), Innolux (2291 million, 14.8%).

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In the year 2015, Samsung display shipped 121 million 650 thousand tablets in large size LCD panel Market shipments, market share has dropped to third. Although the surface of the LCD screen to start the supply of domestic millet, music and other Internet Co this year, but still failed to stop the decline in market share.

In the first quarter, Samsung display decline is caused good engineering LCD panel conversion process led to a decline in rate.


In addition the market demand for large size display of PC and notebook computers in reducing, Samsung display at the end of last year, closed in Chungnam Cheonan plant 5 generation production line and equipment sold to Chinese manufacturers, all of its eight LCD production line has closed five.


And first quarter of LCD panel market, Korean companies parcel possession rate of 38.8% has been significantly behind in mainland China and Taiwan market enterprises 47.9% of the proportion.


In the face of China market low price go TV marketing strategy content, South Korean manufacturers have encountered some difficulties. Samsung, LG have to transition to high-end strategy, high value-added panel, promoting product differentiation. (Zhong Qi)