Seamless splicing display scheme leads the business to show the main trend

June 30, 2017

    In today's digital information development, such as the day of the fire, as people continue to improve the display requirements, the display equipment is becoming more and more intelligent and highly developed. And digital information display system of seamless splicing display device with its unique advantages is widely used in various industries, such as the city's scheduling command center, traffic management, monitoring center, large venues background wall, display application can be seen everywhere in the field of video conferences, etc, and gradually become the main trend of market.

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    Seamless splicing display in recent years as a carrier of the digital display technology solutions, has from the traditional heavy architecture structure upgrading to light the screen from other display device with a high bright, high contrast, the advantage of low power consumption, make its rapid development for many businessmen's favoured display applications. DDW as industry enjoys professional technology supplier, however, the seamless Mosaic showed that the scheme not only is to screen hardware is unique, more focused on practical application scheme of a complete set of high quality, so once active in the industry forefront.


    DDW seamless splicing display scheme on the basis of the hardware to as low as 1.7 mm flat-fell seam breakthrough innovation, the original "anti-aliasing stream processing technology" and LCD back light, making the entire screen without a sense of fragmentation, rendering a full hd picture. And by the LCD screen will be the joining together of each unit as an independent system, by connecting to the network, enter a complete signal and control signal, can support arbitrarily splicing unit signal switching and unified control, high resolution, brightness, perspective, color, such as reach an equilibrium, fully guarantee the image clarity and video playback fluency, realize high-definition LCD splicing display application intellectualization.


    Moreover DDW LCD splicing screen scheme through software support digital multi-channel video roaming, across the screen display program up and running, on-demand distribution, random single, superposition, across the screen connected, such as all kinds of display mode, achieve full hd intelligent processing, provide professional customized for each application scenario design, to ensure the practical effect, to meet user demand for digital display brings convenience and flexibility, for users to realize the biggest application value!


    DDW as dealer show industry professional supplier, with rich practical experience, the LCD splicing scheme with the exquisite technology, catering to the intelligent Gao Qinghua, shows the development trend of the mainstream, is on the road to continue to innovation and development in the future, to improve the innovation spirit, efforts to break through the traditional display technology with the shackles of signals, innovative smart, strive to provide users with high-quality solutions and services!