Security manufacturers and display equipment manufacturers will capture screen splicing market

October 27, 2016

    The development of liquid crystal splicing screen, let the manufacturer of the red eye, many security industry, because of the large domestic market demand for more and more large, splicing threshold is low, many manufacturers have come. Since the peace city construction and the demand of the 3111 project monitoring, with the advancement of peace around the city construction, and the entire video monitor market rise sharply, and visualization operation industry application trend appeared continuously, big patchwork application scope also more and more widely.

    Using large screen splicing in the field of security in case more, most is to use large centralized monitoring command center, its high-definition, high resolution, showing more features, as the symbol of the core infrastructure information visualization. As security manufacturers to the transformation of the overall solution provider, the continuous extension of traditional security companies began in product line, as at the rear end of the video surveillance system equipment, display its cake nature not to be missed.

    Gao Qinghua era, display device for Gao Qinghua demands more and more obvious, once upon a time the mega pixel cameras to the backend towards Gao Qinghua display device all users to display product stability, effect and energy saving are put forward higher requirements. Security producers in either horizontal thrust a foot or traditional display device, who will get the domestic market for large, joining together the biggest piece of cake, I'm afraid I haven't to know.

    Large screen splicing market will continue to flourish, security manufacturers will also gradually into the display device, in the fierce competition, it may preempt the LCD splicing screen market. However, the DDW very confident for the future development. Because, in the future development of display device of the market will be more and more widely, there will be more use of liquid crystal splicing large screen.