See the DDW qiao is from "telecom fraud" events "shanzhai" LCD splicing screen

September 6, 2016

    Entering autumn in September, the large and medium-sized institutions of higher learning reopen, when students around the country are struggling to raise good tuition, waiting for the beginning, what does not know heinous telecom fraudsters to evil black hand crept into the students like white paper. A few days ago, shandong continuous two freshman tuition a phone fraud happened, the poor college students for tuition fees were tricked into light mood sudden death of ease, and at that time the national telecom fraudsters to criticism, as young college students, two fresh life in this unfortunate failure, is a harrowing experience. In the public security organ to crack down on power telecom fraud at the same time, as an ordinary citizen more fraud prevention consciousness should be strengthened, in the face of all sorts of pervasive fraud information, through heavy fog, quickly identify fraud and conspiracy, this is we must learn to walk to the society survival. To the LCD splicing industry, too, with the domestic LCD splicing market popular in recent years, a large number of liquid crystal splicing screen manufacturers, poured into the market the joining together of good and evil people mixed up, impostors, "shanzhai" LCD splicing screen especially. In the face of the complicated LCD splicing market, how to identify "shanzhai" LCD splicing screen, and regular brand LCD splicing screen of choose and buy, it is the common users face a difficult problem.latest company news about See the DDW qiao is from "telecom fraud" events "shanzhai" LCD splicing screen  0

    To identify users can quickly and efficiently "shanzhai" LCD splicing screen, buy a regular rest assured security products, fertile in line with the industry the conscience and social responsibility, with their professional knowledge and rich experience analysis "shanzhai" LCD splicing screen and the difference between the real thing, help you identify fake, correct choose and buy the real LCD splicing screen.

Professional LCD splicing screen manufacturers have fixed place of production, production materials selected strict careful, splicing screen quality is absolutely perfect ultra-high resolution, high contrast, high quality sound, long life, and can work 24 hours continuously, at the same time its panel material is strictly use samsung A + original screen, LCD splicing screen is in the true sense, is the user can be at ease use LCD splicing screen, is the only way to obtain the ministry of public security test report, 3 c electronic products the only formal product compulsory certification.

    For professional LCD splicing screen, only the brand or the strength of the manufacturers production integration ability. This kind of manufacturers have certain capital, technology research and development ability, but also has the keen market expansion ability. Such as a domestic professional LCD splicing - DDW screen manufacturers, in addition to owning specialized production sites and professional r&d team, but also has a complete sales and service network, all the stitching screen project has a professional engineering and technical personnel on-site installation and debugging to give proper stitching, at the same time more humanized project mat endowment whether payment "one stop" service, effectively solve the user's worries. Good after-sales service, low cost and convenient maintenance.

    In contrast, "shanzhai" LCD splicing screen, most of the very small size, operation qualification is not complete, there is no formal channels of select material, external confused by the panel material imported from users, but in fact no capital and technical strength of independent research and development, the "shanzhai" mild liquid crystal splicing screen there are serious quality problems and potential safety problems. At the same time, there's not a good sales and service system, production origin often "play a gun in one place", and after-sales service hotline is often transform is not even, user once accidentally buy "shanzhai" LCD splicing screen, late appear problem, can't activist.

    "Shanzhai" LCD splicing screen surface is screen + external splicing device saves the cost, actually the rough work not only affects the project value, more left a user is difficult to avoid quality hidden trouble, perhaps, the comprehensive cost do more harm than good.

    With increasing application requirements, in the fierce competition and the profit maximization of the environment, "shanzhai" LCD splicing screen will exist for a long time, the joining together of the good and evil people mixed up in the market, users not only learn to recognize "shanzhai" LCD splicing screen, at the same time also guard against all kinds of potential deception and intrigue.