Several factors affect the price of advertising

August 5, 2016

A lot of customers to consult directly, what the price of your home advertising, advertising machines offer much. That actually, factors affecting the advertising price (final offer) There are many different brands out of business newspaper advertising prices will vary.

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And want to know the price of advertising, we must first look at the part of the advertising, then advertising from which parts of it? What is the role of each part is it? Generally, a complete advertising equipment consists of: LCD, driver board, decoders, power panels, power supply and personalized advertising machine shell composition.


Advertising LCD screen: what we usually see in the liquid crystal display portion, but the LCD screen advertising and general computer is different, he is both an input device (touch function to implement system control device), and an output device. This is part of the price of advertising is usually the market price of the original panel LCD panel related. For example, say you used to do with the price of Samsung's panel with domestic panel prices are not the same, the company uses a Samsung DID industrial grade LCD panel.


Advertising drive plate: computer motherboards, but has the software used to drive to work, and the other components of advertising together into an organic whole. Strong performance using driver board, and is very stable. Advertising machine decoders: When one of the working device can output binary signals. Power board and power supply system equipment constitute advertising machine.


Personalized advertising case: that is requested by the customer for advertising machine shell customization part, generally speaking, advertising vary place to place, you need to customize the appearance of different personalities, of course, the appearance of personalized advertising custom section contains the price of housing design and mold costs. Other factors affecting the advertising offer (ie prices):

Advertising production to dues and fees (management fees wage workers), agents post, advertising orders and other factors can also affect the middle part of the price of LCD advertising machine. Some clients often consult advertising how much money a? This is not a good answer, but it is worth noting that, since the production process and circulation are more single device to do one or two advertising machine, advertising machine manufacturers generally are not receiving orders.