Shenzhen wedding advertising machine added to the new lease

August 10, 2016

​Today's advertising machine application industry plenty, used in each big industry platform is also each have each advantage. At the wedding hanging advertising machine is also showing a show. Hanging advertising opportunities to attract the attention of relatives and friends, the wedding for the couple to earn enough "eyeball" at the same time.

At the time of wedding, we can rent the DDW advertising machine to show to your friends and relatives to harangue, sign in and so on. At the same time can also show the couple's wedding photos, pictures, also can be made into a micro movie video playback, at the same time also can be draw link with hanging advertising machine, pushing the happy atmosphere of the wedding to the top.

Along with the social development, interactive intelligent technology development and application, multimedia elements project smart grid multimedia exhibition hall, one of the mainly includes the following several characteristics.

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A, themes, a clear idea, creative throughout the story line

Multimedia elements project should have distinct theme features, highlight the key content and the content of plate can be creative theme content in series, in which runs through a story line, make the whole show clear thread, unified, have integral feeling, guide the audience and learning.

Second, the display content abstract to concrete

Smart grid is an abstract concept, in showing its hair, lose, variable, distribution, use, scheduling, and the processes and technologies such as information and communication, as far as possible let the audience easy to accept, such as choosing dynamic intelligent multimedia, interactive, three-dimensional, advanced visualization technology such as virtual reality, augmented reality, multi-angle, all-round display related principle, from the simple display into the real show. In the content choice, the appropriate should be close to public life, such as electric cars to simulate purging process, power fiber to the home and smart home, etc. Let visitors really realize the smart grid, and the smart grid is true, is really able to improve the quality of life, bring convenience for life.


Third, according to different audience, good control to show the rhythm

Audience population is taken into account for the smart grid professional audience, to highlight the professional multimedia exhibition hall construction, pay attention to the smart grid development history, national policy, technical achievements and future development trend, etc, the proportion of the display must conform to the professional thinking rhythm on veins. For ordinary audience should highlight the relationship between smart grids and life, such as smart home, intelligent community, electric vehicles and other content, unit 1, step by step, stimulate the curiosity of the visitors and the anticipation that the smart grid

Multimedia elements * high-tech era of "child"

Multipoint multimedia elements contains also called multi-touch interactive system, a multipoint induction, multiple touch and so on, is refers to the use of precise multipoint recognition technology allows users more freedom to interact with digital content on the surface of the table, easily implement more than one screen at the same time operating independently, completely get rid of the traditional keyboard + mouse operation mode. Users only need to gently with fingers to touch the projection area can realize image video playback, drag and drop, rotation, scaling, such as operation, natural intuitive interaction characteristics and smooth tactility. More interactive system design and application of follow one's inclinations, can support the words, pictures, video, 3 d animation and other forms, for the users to fully enjoy the pleasure of interaction.

Areas of application: science and technology museum, planning pavilion pavilion, theme pavilions, museums, industry, enterprise, and many other perennial exhibition, the exhibition site, large shopping malls, stores, hotels, hotels, bars, disco, KTV, new product launches, promotional activities, wedding ceremony, office buildings, performance venues, square, etc