Smart digital signs touch the city's future

June 30, 2017

    With the development of intelligent city brought unprecedented new to horizon, especially the application of digital signage irremediable, such as when you walk in the city's subway tunnels, shopping malls, hotels, stations, people gathered in public places when you can see the figure of digital signage? Yes, today's digital signage has long been a window into the city, rivaling the city in every corner of the city! Digital signage, follow closely the development of intelligence era, digital signage touch interaction system into people's lives, in the form of humanized urban development is full of vitality!

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    As a new mode of intelligent interaction, digital sign development will become mainstream in the future. With the development trend of the era, the touch interactive advertising machine of innovative products has also set off a craze in the digital signage market.


    Emperor of emperor ai advertising machine not only has a high-definition interactive touch an organic whole, its intelligent interactive touch function by user, besides can be displayed instead of a static page article, also can undertake more screen picture and text, video, or match with vocal music playing at the same time. Touch interaction integrated advertising machine and traditional LCD TV broadcast way is different, it can also integrate a variety of applications, the interactive operation, implement different query support touch function, this point it is compared with the traditional way of keystroke input, more vivid and intuitive, meet the needs of people in the new era!


    Customization: in any field of information content can be customized and shown, provide the required content, content is provided from the passive to active accurate delivery, such as: the station search query guide, shopping malls, browse around a recommendation reports, facts, etc., will maximize its effect, further boosting the intelligent development of the city.


    On management: for different locations in city more places to deploy the update of the daily maintenance, broadcast content to occupy a large number of manpower and time cost, the emperor of emperor ai touch all-in-one easily implement each device of the remote control, through the Internet, users can remote central control at any time to edit, change, publish, display content, improve the efficiency of management.


    Visible, touch the interactive advertising machine intelligent integrated DDW display application and convenient management mode, it through the combination of hardware and software, to modify the traditional hardware devices, which have touch interaction intelligent functions, and perfectly realize the intelligent digital signage has a visual shock, dazzle colour with propaganda and the application value of the brand.


    DDW as a member of the digital signage industry, with high quality products and services, won a good reputation, is a good team frequently compensated, at the beginning of the formation of the DDW, always follow the development of enterprise innovation, responsibility, the mission, is committed to creating quality products and services, to achieve high quality display solutions for more users!