Spring return, DDW with you toward a new journey!

February 13, 2017

    At the beginning of the New Year come, vientiane update, again on a new journey. Recently people across the country are returning to the city, the railway station bus station and so on various transport sector is the peak work, the site has become a traffic centre, especially the transport hubs such as railway station is a complex and liquid concentrated intensive, personnel of public places, these places usually there are serious security hidden danger. So, ensure the safety of the transportation hub is the entire security industry can not be ignored is an important topic.

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    With the continuous development of science and technology progress, to ensure the safety of the personnel flow has become the core of the intelligent transportation security system. Waiting area at the railway station and ticket office, each big platform is stream of people highly centralized area, as well as theft, fraud and other illegal behavior, to prevent and stop such accidents, intelligent security monitoring system is indispensable. Which requires some corresponding supporting hardware to support the whole system, which is widely used mainly includes monitoring field of liquid crystal splicing screen, high-definition LCD monitors, LCD advertising machine, touch gets some liquid crystal display (LCD) products, etc.

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    Station hall is focused on the railway station traffic area, is also a high-definition monitor the area of focus, so a set of advanced monitoring display system is particularly important, monitor display is usually used in LCD monitor image stitching and LCD splicing, but the current monitor USES the most or LCD splicing screen display system, LCD splicing screen as hd display products, can be very clear and effectively according to the railway station each monitoring of point to point, and at the same time the station can be internal and external environment condition of take in everything in a glance, especially the station entrance location, elevators escalators, ticket window, and other key positions in the clear, also won't exist obscure the details of the situation. LCD splicing screen also support frame intelligent, single a picture can be set through the control program, and can also show multiple images, for the comparison of many railway station point to point, real-time display real-time monitoring and decentralizing switch a very practical. Thus, through the LCD splicing screen display monitor, to improve the efficiency of the management of the transport hub and real-time monitoring of the passenger flow has a significant role which cannot be ignored.