Store digital signage build shopping atmosphere

January 11, 2017

    With the advent of the era of digital intelligent information, rapid rise of new media, digital signage are widely used in all walks of life, LCD advertising machine as a representative of the digital sign, one of its great application value in the market. DDW LCD advertising machine, with its advanced display technology, informationization, digitization, network, intelligence as one of the new broadcast system, provide more convenient for store customers shopping experience!

    Every near the Chinese New Year, each big market promotion activities are popular, during market promotion mode is through LCD advertising machine will be in the form of video and image promotion commodity information to potential customers, to create a good buying intention, to stimulate customers' consumer behavior. Recently emperor ai emperor LCD advertising machine in foshan in anhui business market and a shopping mall, its application was unanimously praised by the vast number of merchants, using liquid crystal display system to timely information release and guidance, the prominent display technology got the favour of many businesses.

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    Imagine when customers into the wide variety of shopping malls, in the department store is a put LCD advertising machine is the most prominent place play all kinds of novel funny video advertising memes, but is no longer a static big advertising, that would be what kind of experience, LCD advertising machine with the unity of debauchery and audio-visual impact display fully to adorn the mall shopping environment, at the same time can render more mall shopping atmosphere, bring an unprecedented shopping experience to customers, even if again tired, also want to go will.

    Through the liquid crystal advertisement machine terminal market brand image shaping, can also be broadcast meteorological information, clock, such as public information, further enrich the content, using the Internet, streaming update information every day, to brand publicity, combined with video and images form the new animation, rather than a single advertising cycle, customers get timely and useful information, and at the same time give customers a pleasant shopping experience!

    DDW chief suppliers, as shown in the field of prominent display technology, is committed to innovation, LCD advertising machine is a new era of intelligent digital technology, meet the demand of the users one-stop service, in addition to power market implementation application value, also pay attention to the display applications in various fields, and DDW will not barrels, and various areas neat flooding, presents the characteristics of digital signage.