Successful camera behind the LCD panel

September 8, 2016

     Behind every successful man, there is a woman. And behind ma success, there are thousands of women, there will always be behind the camera to the success of one side LCD splicing screen 24 hours a day. Burning sun pawn, many outdoor cameras have to suffer, while workers behind the scenes LCD splicing screen no direct sunlight, but it's also a silent battle under high temperature.latest company news about Successful camera behind the LCD panel  0

     As we all know that electric operation will generate heat, if use for long time, will happen more excessive aging or damaged components. Do security with LCD splicing screen is switched on for a long time, mostly in the body of the heat cannot be ruled out, adequately components under a state of high temperature for a long time, although burning is unlikely to occur immediately, but the component performance degradation in front of your eyes, affecting the service life of splicing screen is the second, it is important to affect the quality of the LCD panel work and safety issues. Of course, this is completely avoided, so it is very important to reasonably use liquid crystal splicing screen.

People need air conditioning on hot weather is fan cooling, actually also need LCD screen, indoor temperature is too high for the LCD panel is a huge test, run itself will generate heat, high indoor temperature can affect the heat will also increase temperature. Can't depend entirely on the product itself the cooling function and wanton use screens, with the air conditioning or electric fan for LCD and then external heat removal could be, could lift a finger to make you love machine with you a few more spring, summer, autumn and winter.

     Below is the DDW compiled several daily way to protect the LCD screen:

     1, in the ventilation but the sun can't direct illuminate place, you can use the fan or air conditioning temperature control.

     2, regular check, even check and wipe the ventilation dust, there is a good habits of check there is any quality problem, can timely troubleshooting, for the first time processing.

     3, the use of thermal conductive material choose and buy of thermal conductivity of liquid crystal splicing screen with more high quality and durable material stitching screen on maintenance, not only cost savings, but also can timely send out quantity of heat.

     LCD screen has a direct effect on the lifespan of the heat with it, so the high temperature protection, the use effect of the LCD panel and life will be much higher, in environmental protection and cost savings at the same time, reasonable use of skills, easily operating liquid crystal splicing screen, clearly show the visual range of cameras, to maximize the LCD splicing screen function.