Ten reasons to make you can't refuse the LCD splicing screen

October 25, 2016

     DDW integrating r&d, production, sales and after-sales, the choice of production equipment has a very strict control, each LCD splicing screen pass strict inspection. Each splice screen unit are detailed factory color calibration process, to ensure multiple splicing screen between the units with accurate and consistent color. User does not need manual calibration can obtain accurate color, without distortion.


    Specific functional professionals parsing is as follows:

    1. Adopt DID panel

    DID panel revolutionary breakthrough is super high brightness, contrast, durability and ultra narrow side application,  solved the public display and liquid crystal display (LCD) is applied to digital advertising sign technical obstacles. In general, the brightness of LCD panel used television or computer only 250 ~ 300 CD/m2, adopting DID panel LCD screen brightness is as high as 1500 CD/m2, contrast ratio is as high as 10000:1, than the traditional computer or TV LCD double, three times the general display. Therefore, the use of DID professional LCD panel even under the glare of the outdoor clearly visible.


    2. High brightness

    Compared with TV and PC LCD screen, LCD screen with higher brightness. The brightness of the LCD TV or PC generally only 250 ~ 300 CD / ㎡, and DIDLCD LCD panel brightness can reach 700 CD / ㎡ (46). 3. High contrast DID LCD with 3000:1 (46) contrast, than a traditional PC or TV LCD screen is more than double, three times the general display.


    3. The image processing technology

    Can make low pixel image clear reappearance in full hd display; To interlaced processing technology, eliminate flicker; To cross algorithm, eliminate "sawtooth"; Dynamic compensation interpolation, a 3 d comb filter, 10 digital brightness and color enhancement, automatic color correction, 3 d motion compensation, nonlinear scaling and so on the many kinds of international leading technology processing.


    4. Better color saturation

    Now ordinary CRT color saturation is only about 50%, while DIDLCD can reach 92% high color saturation, thanks to the professional development for the product color calibration technology, through this technology, besides the still picture color calibration, also can to color calibration, dynamic images so as to ensure precision and stability of the output image.


    5. A broader perspective

    PVA (PatternedVerticalAlignment) technology "image vertical adjustment technology", namely using this technique, the visual Angle can reach more than double 178 ° (horizontal and vertical). Reliability is better, the LCD panel for TV, PC display design, does not support continuous use day and night, and DID the LCD panel design for the monitoring center, exhibition center, support in 7 x24 hours of continuous use.


    6. Show flat surface

    LCD is a representative of the flat display device, is the real flat display, completely no curvature big screen, no distortions.


     7. Thin narrow edge design

     DIDLCD splicing unit with the unique design and exquisite workmanship, the frame structure with past DID splicing unit produced a qualitative leap, STI - 460 adhdid splicing unit on the left and on the border thickness of 4.3 mm; The right and bottom border thickness of 2.4 mm; Integrated splicing border thickness only 7 mm! Splicing users can bring perfect visual enjoyment. DID splicing wall cabinet is only 180 mm thick, adopts whole steel structure, solid, splicing screen embedded installation, simple and convenient, the overall structure is compact, save a space.


    8. Uniform brightness, unstable images flashing

    Because the LCD after each point in the received signal has been keep color and brightness, and don't need to constantly refresh as CRT pixel points. As a result, the LCD brightness uniformity, high quality and absolute flicker-free.


    9. The LCD splicing screen, a flexible combination of splicing display function

    DID the LCD splicing screen splicing number can be arbitrary choice (line (m) x column (n)), the size of the screen also has a variety of choice, to meet the needs of different occasions. Can be personalized design, according to the requirements of different users select single display, the screen display, any combination, image roaming, image overlay, etc.


    10. Both life and environmental protection

    Ordinary NB, PC and TV use LCD screen to the service life of the back light for 10000 to 30000 hours, and the service life of DIDLCD LCD back light can reach more than 100000 hours, this ensures that every piece of the LCD panel used in the splice screen after long time use of brightness, contrast and color consistency, and ensure the service life of the screen is not less than 60000 hours. Liquid crystal display technology no need regular replacement of consumable materials equipment, so the maintenance, the maintenance cost is very low. And display type (including the CRT display, DLP, etc.) than splicing wall, LCDDID small LCD splicing wall heat, no radiation, no flicker, not the eyes, do not contain harmful substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium and chromium), splicing wall is a new generation of environmental health.


    DDW LCD splicing screen can separately used as a monitor, and can be used in joining together into a large screen. In addition, according to the different demand, realize the variable will be small changed larger function: single partition display, single separate display, any combination, full screen, LCD splicing, double stitching LCD splicing, vertical screen display, image border optional compensation or cover, support for digital signal of roaming, scaling stretching, across the screen display, all kinds of display program up and running, full hd signal real-time processing.