The application of a smart solution to the military forces behind the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's return

July 3, 2017

    Takeaway: recently in celebrating the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong special administrative region of the People's Republic of China, in Hong Kong held ceremoniously "the 20th anniversary of the establishment of an" smoothly, further verify the return of Hong Kong in the past 20 years practice, has realized the comprehensive development of various undertakings and especially the power of the military science and technology, but also to the "one country, two systems" strong vitality, military science and technology at the same time warning to the norm for combat readiness and the information transformation as a driving force, improve the forging elite troops hard nor soft power, to safeguard the country's peace and unity.



    Review after the return of Hong Kong, from China's military strength development shows that China's military necessary in based on national conditions, on the basis of civil-military integration road with Chinese characteristics as the direction, the development of science and technology to promote the rapid development of China's military power, achieve peace and unity of the rich and the motherland! Now, however, under the condition of "one country, two systems" for the performance of the defense, DDW as aggregation point of science and technology of intelligent solution provider, dares to undertake the mission of unusual, for the maintenance of peaceful reunification of the motherland, to the national military command center for intelligent YunBing solution, the exercise of "one country, two systems" policy to safeguard Hong Kong smoothly!



    DDW intelligent YunBing solutions in light of the uncertainty of the international situation and the status quo of the contradictions among the people of the complex, clear national army in the direction of modernization strategy under the new situation, meet the military science and technology put forward higher requirements. It mainly into new technology elements, have innovative data centralized management system, to help realize the quick links in the process of military command, real-time transmission of information, any one or more screen display, intelligent analysis and information extraction system, standard and precision of directing military operations, improve the strength of the military command, to build socialism with Chinese characteristics of defense management system, and prepared to maintain national stability and a strong national defense strength.



    In addition from the overall view, the current science and technology has always been a military development and change of the power, YunBing DDW intelligence solution is bound to carry out to the approaches of the application of the first anniversary of the return of Hong Kong and China to require in the modernization of military science and technology training, with its built-in set control, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, communication for the integration of the system, reasonably can complete the intelligent application of modern military technology, hardcover gaining momentum, efforts to do a good job in maintaining the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong's and the national system of support, for dealing with the vagaries of an emergency, suitable to the present development of military innovation of scientific management system of the road.



    DDW show industry in business intelligence solutions have been widely used, companies always adhering to the innovation of science and technology and to the user, responsible to the national spirit, to provide one-stop service to superb technology and high-tech application time. Again for many years, the DDW with strong responsibility attitude, always follow our country walking on the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics, make strong support the national industry, to the forefront of science and technology strength, promote to safeguard the unity of the motherland's vision!