The cafeteria process what for?

September 18, 2016

At an early age when some people say that can control indoor temperature, a lot of people don't believe, the results have the air conditioning, some people say that you can never leave home shopping go to the movie, and then had a computer to have the taobao. Science and technology have crossed for a big step now, out of a few years ago a beverage vending machines, across great river north and south subway station at the time, and emergency of the save Labour when the province, these days and found a fully automatic machine, make whole dining room can say goodbye to the attendant on the self-service pattern

Automatic sell drinks, biscuits, bread and other snacks have a cinch, some restaurants are now directly to say goodbye to the waiter, fully automatic mode, it could put aside in the 10 years ago someone will say don't believe it, but now is to the present, "do it yourself, have ample food and clothing" the time has come, restaurants need to have this intelligent LCD screen, cashier order, all directly save waiter, someone will ask, maintaining process by all the cafeteria? Machine combined with cash, WeChat, pay treasure to wait for a variety of payment, customers only need to find oneself want to buy food on the LCD screen order, consumer no staff in all the way, after hutch order altogether and orderly in accordance with the order to make food, prepared food in the special position, go to system operating point once the LCD panel, gives the customer to get meals, such the self-service pattern directly to shops have lifted a class, not only for businesses to save money and effort, to the consumers feel convenient and fashionable.

Hangzhou xiasha a cafe owner said, while back-to-school rented a few such machine, the store traffic an improved than before, the rent 6000 yuan a year, compared with the artificial cashier and order cost is greatly reduced, the whole order process is more efficient than before, customer response is also very good. Ago way of traditional business has failed to keep pace with times, consumers mostly young people, the so-called consumption overall younger, all kinds of service will also follow the young people's consumption and patterns of thinking.

Finally, we can see the LCD screen also is not only a traditional LCD display, fusion and the thinking of modern science and technology, has been upgraded to a variety of intelligent machines, for more and more used in industry, LCD panel market is spread in the step by step, the old and new businesses are staring at the market, only to find their position to keep pace with The Times, can not be eliminated, the smart LCD screen will undoubtedly usher in the advent of many consumers and restaurants alike.