The development trend of touch all-in-one

October 17, 2016

    Now life has entered the era of touch, the emergence of smartphone touch technology is mature, but also extends to the computer and television. Touch technology has become an indispensable a operation habit in our life. Smartphones, tablets or even touch notebook can not do without it. Today, the broad masses of manufacturers and touch technology applied to advertising machine. After technical renovation and upgrade, touch technology has run perfectly on advertising machine, touch all-in-one PC is one of them. Touch all-in-one application range is wide, it can be used in concentration of supermarkets, shopping malls, can also display in the lobby of hotel, exhibition hall, its main functions is to provide the quick query service for the general customers and software applications. To sum up. Touch all-in-one application industry mainly according to the market demand.

    Outdoor advertising machine of major consumer groups will soon become the 80 s and 90 s, for the two groups is their main pursuit of advanced, science and technology and so on, those with the time synchronization of advertising machine products is they need, if advertising vendors would still is to do his duty low-end machine market, its future development will be worthy of our concern. Now touch technology applied in advertising machine has many 80 s and 90 s attention and look forward to. Touch screen digital signage in the growth of several areas, including public, health care, government, retail enterprises, transport and education, etc.

    Need user all predicted growth of digital signage, the interest of consumers in the touch screen technology. Interactive touch screen technology, of course, does not apply to all digital signage product. With the increase of the number of the touch screen digital signage, also let as masses of audience, to find the information they need.

    1, the shop sells touch advertisement machine utilization. The use of multimedia advertising machine shops at the mall are not rare, touch the use of advertising machine will need some interactive link, consumers can obtain the latest promotion information in advertising machine, and can print promotional coupon. Other, consumer also can focus attention to advertising machine something products, after a brief click, you can know more detailed information of the product.

    2, bank finance touch advertisement machine use. Waiting area, in banking and finance category usually have advertising machine to show the root of the financial professional information and advertising, etc., in addition, a touch of advertising machine and pick up service, such as by the yard, extend the use of touch advertisement machine, but it also need advertising machine has great improvement on the safety and accuracy.

    3, public information channel touch advertisement machine use. Categories such as the post office, telecommunication office, building elevator, touch advertising machine can lunch let everybody query to the required information, there are some public information could bento operation, all kinds of queries to lunch to cut waiting time of the masses.

    4, the use of other public category. Advertising machine can also be used as a major public category, such as conference room, library, campus show the basic contents of the advertisements on the one hand, on the other hand need to show some conjunction category information.