The extension and development of 4 k technology

December 29, 2016

     In the past few years, 4 k technology, product gradually mature, the price also more populist. Therefore, from the family to professional environment, we can see more and more 4 k deployment. Although 4 k has a trend of fire, but the visual requirements, the limitation of signal source, the problem such as bandwidth, makes into the era of true 4 k is still block.

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    We know that when the display up to 110 inches, 1080 p a closer look at the effect will be discounted, and 4 k on the large size of the display can be examined more subtle content, such as the collaboration, teaching, such as command and control, operation environment, browsing files, drawings, maps, details of the medical image. And, more importantly, can use 4 k 8 million pixel resolution without frequency reduction show multiple images at the same time. So for some specific industries, will lead the benefit from the high pixel advantage of 4 k.


    1, the sports broadcast


    Sports events, it is 4 k on the best plots, but based on the 4 k technology in editorial and user terminal mature, the audience has the opportunity to see more of the 4 k. Such as fox sports network in broadcast football matches and other sporting events, using 4 k video cameras and playback system, can provide a higher resolution than conventional HD TV, help commentator in amplified specific action area, don't lose clarity. And the audience can gain better viewing experience. In this year's other important events, North America for the first time at the beginning of 4 k on basketball and ice hockey game, Hispasat satellite communications operators in Spain and Portugal telecom MEO platform to achieve 4 k TV broadcast of the champions league final and 8 euro games agreement.


    2, digital sign


    In the digital sign market gradually the consensus is that a big 4 k monitor is better than a 2 x 2 narrow edge monitor video wall. Take advantage of the big 4 k monitor, advertisers can use the same price for the same resolution as the 2 x 2 video wall array, but at the same time there will be no borders. For larger installation project, 4 k monitor video wall will be less than the equivalent size HD video wall border, which will further enhance the viewing experience.


    3, enterprise communications


    4 k technology has also reached the enterprise market in the meeting room. When companies use 4 k projectors and monitor instead of HD projectors, they will benefit from improved brightness and clarity. Whether a single monitor or video wall array, 4 k interface can realize more data at the same time, according to enterprise applications such as video conference to provide improved clarity, improve the decision-making efficiency of collaborative workflow.


     4, safe


    For security operations center, control and monitoring applications, the operator can use high resolution graphics and video signal monitoring to a series of influence factors and facilities. More and more companies to develop high-definition cameras, for security operators to provide the most sharp and accurate images. Compatible with 4 k display processor and monitor, the operator can browse images without conversion resolution, can also be in does not affect the clarity of cases further enlarged. That they can better monitoring and analysis system resources, responding to critical tasks.


    5, national defense and the army


    Many applications of national defense and the army needs to clear, accurate 4 k technology. One is equipped with a monitoring software is very suitable for 4 k monitor console, vehicles, ships and aircraft mobile command center, tactical operations center, as well as in the past such as uav ground control station need to apply multiple displays. Through a more powerful processors, 4 k video walls can be used for military applications in all kinds of key tasks to provide enhanced situational awareness.


    6, health care


    4 k images have great attraction for health care. Today's doctor and technician by high-resolution medical image can be more accurate judgment about his illness. The emergence of 4 k monitor will be in operation between caused a revolution in medicine. New technology to ensure the patient data, vital signs, and the content of video assisted surgery can also show on a monitor. Whether through monitoring software or video wall processor drives, 4 k monitor can provide enough resolution display huge amounts of data and vivid images.