The four advantages of LCD splicing technology

November 4, 2016

    DDW relying on the advantages for the application of liquid crystal splicing now has got the immortal achievements both at home and abroad, life up to 5-80000 hours, and liquid crystal splicing the overall system stability, maintenance costs are relatively cheap, become the best cost-effective large screen display system. The DDW to say about what are the four advantages of LCD splicing!


    The LCD splicing

    1, LCD splicing not because the signal is caused by frequent switching effect is not ideal, this user completely don't have to worry about! And the cost and stability can be very good application. Small size high resolution is the main distinguishing feature of the LCD splicing, and size can according to user requirements and actual reasonable install LCD joining together to show, not only saved the cost to the customer is more convenient in installation.


    2, LCD splicing of high stability, long life, low maintenance cost, therefore all-weather work no problem, even if the actual need to run for a long time. Emperor of emperor ai can meet user requirements, actual 7 x24 (hours) to run, to be able to ensure stable and reliable operation of the whole system.


    3, relatively speaking, the combination of the LCD splicing space more broad, and both can use small screen splicing also can use screen splicing, also can carry on the effective mixed assembling size screen, can quickly amplified to judge on the whole system environment, choose the right way of joining together of long-term effective planning, to meet the requirements of the overall system.


    4, liquid crystal splicing versatility, not only can achieve the whole screen large screen display effect also can realize multiple small screen display effect.


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