The future development direction of liquid crystal splicing ——screen seamless large size

April 24, 2017

  In recent years, the development of LCD splicing screen market has been very rapid, in some projects, large screen LCD splicing with its series of advantages and widely popular, best known as the terminal display device, especially in some large security projects, due to the complex system architecture, function integration, large screen LCD splicing the system has become an indispensable platform for display.

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  The application of LCD screen has the advantage according to different user needs, achieve split screen single screen display or multi screen display variety large screen function: single screen display, single screen display segmentation alone, any combination of full screen display, LCD, LCD splicing screen, double stitching vertical display, image frame optional compensation or cover, roaming, zoom, stretching across the screen to support digital display, display settings and operation plan, real-time Full HD signal processing.
  At the same time, LCD screen also has the following advantages: 1, low power consumption, light weight; 2, easy to install, can be arbitrary; 3, long service life, maintenance cost is low; 4, no radiation, uniform screen brightness;5, good quality, large viewing angle.
  With the continuous development of smart city, safe city, and overseas market demand increasingly strong, the security industry is mainly applied to the field of liquid crystal display maintains the            development trend is very good, large screen LCD splicing leveraging in the security industry will also get a huge growth space. Within a certain period of time, security applications will still be the main driving force for the growth of large screen display industry, is also a big screen display of the important nuggets.
  At present, HD, intelligent and network is the mainstream of the development of display equipment, the application in the project of screen picture, size, brightness, installation and operation convenience etc. have more stringent requirements, required for the application of monitoring results more intuitive and more HD become; according to the present situation and we can see from the large screen splicing product market performance, it will enter the diversified development mainly has following several aspects:

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  A seamless, in recent years, with the joint progress bottleneck LCD screen splicing technology has made substantial breakthroughs in the LCD screen products can be controlled at the lowest bilateral joint industry 1.8mm, fully protect the integrity of the picture.
  Two, large size, the size of a single screen will be a breakthrough. This large size can reduce the splicing unit, and gap on the overall picture of the "cut" to reduce, improve the overall sense of the screen, it will be a trend in the future.
  Three, modular and intelligent, ultra thin splicing display device in the installation and application have a strong advantage, make installation and operation more convenient. But as a dedicated large screen display device, its installation and debugging is also very cumbersome and important link. In daily use in order to achieve the function of the system, often need to be equipped with other equipment, such as matrix, distributor, connection line, etc.. At present, many manufacturers are trying to make the installation structure becomes simple. Therefore, the enterprise uses the modular structure design advanced, such as built-in high performance processing module and other unique technology, such as the built-in digital matrix, the display installation and management system is very convenient. In order to facilitate the operation and management system, the design of screen production Poomsae will integrate into the more intelligent in technology.
  Four, digital high-definition and networking, HD monitoring era, if the system terminal display devices can not achieve high definition, digital and networking, even if it is seamless and large size is futile. Therefore, the high-definition high-definition screen splicing and networking has become the most important competition in the display equipment manufacturers.
  Now, with the progress of splicing technology, in recent years, 3D technology, touch technology, cloud computing, 4K display, roaming a series of superposition performance are achieved on the LCD splicing screen. LCD screen is also constantly towards network, intelligent, high-definition development to satisfy new requirements; at the same time, the LCD splicing screen cost has been reduced, to some extent, this is the LCD screen to display the public areas to do a very good bedding, its development prospects.