The golden age of digital advertising is coming.

August 5, 2016

G3 business information: with the improvement of people's income and living standards improve, people pay more and more attention to health. And not only on the Bing and other issues, more people began to pay attention to health care, awareness of the importance of physical exercise and other health. Life lies in sports, to spend money to buy health, gradually become a fashion consumption concept. Because, all kinds of physical exercise place arises at the historic moment. In all major office buildings and other public places, will see the figure of the gym. Competition between the gym, but also increasingly fierce. Gym how to advertise, establish a good image and brand, improve the visibility of it, this time, the role of advertising machine, it is reflected in the growing.

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Advertising machine can also be a member of the body during the exercise, broadcast real-time news and quality advertising and dynamic music video and so on, so, when the members of the exercise, it will not feel boring. Gym can also talk about the recent promotional activities, curriculum arrangement, introduction to coach, and to the members of the fitness advice information in advertising release. Only in this way, not only to improve the work efficiency, also improve the information dissemination of, let members of the gym dynamic glance at the heart.


Shenzhen DDW multimedia Co., Ltd. the first is a engaged in advertising machine decoding board of research and development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises, since 2008, the company according to the market demand, combined with a variety of different user characteristics, the research and development on its own to a series of multi-purpose liquid crystal display device; products are: single HD advertising player, high-definition network advertising machine, wall advertising machine, landing advertising machine, touch one machine, touch inquiry machine, transparent advertising machine, playing box, advertising machine decoder board etc. for in different places, which can meet the needs of different customers and the installation and use are convenient, practical function is complete, and the stability is high.