The intelligent interactive system behind the subway ads

May 16, 2017

    The subway is a closed environment, it is easy to drive the comings and goings of the crowd, to grasp the line of sight of passers-by in 1 seconds, so that they stop, don't generally. But when you see a lot of people looking at the ads on the ads and stopping, you have to say that the appeal of advertising is extraordinary! Recently, for example, in the metro broadcast Jiang Xiaobai advertisement won the applause of the many people, when it per the slogan appeared in advertising machine, touched each of the past, because it expresses the drinking man hidden at the bottom of the deepest feelings. Hand, subway advertising copywriter really hot in recent years, the fire is not only the great AD copy, is behind the AD copy of the application effect of intelligent display system, the contents of advertisements deeply, deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.


    With the development of information technology, the new iteration of advertising display industry is promoted, especially the appearance of the intelligent advertisement machine. With the traditional advertising machine, is not only the multimedia information release, to make the life more and more people receive more information, and gives a more intelligent factors, achieve more human-computer interaction. As a new generation of intelligent interactive advertising function based on the subway facilities, a unique feature of nature, the following emperor ai emperor read it for you: what are some of the popular secret!


    The touch of a smart AD machine is enough to make it attractive, and the most amazing thing is its intelligent interaction. Such as: touch the advertising machine in addition to support software updates and terminal monitoring, also support the video, graphic, animation cycle, split broadcast, etc., has the rich performance of multimedia advertising application system, at the same time can also be the playing time of multimedia advertising content, number of statistics and records, can at any time to check the record views, such as user retention time. At the same time, it display fully express the meaning of the AD, and functional advantages meets the requirements of more personalized multimedia advertising, concentrated the struggle of the every busy city go-between state polymerization in a advertisement machine screen, let the crowded subway station filled with human!


    In addition in the subway, touch smart advertising machine can also auxiliary underground facilities, to get way to consult with the staff as a query all-in-one, provide people the information demand by the query, such as site query, peripheral recommendations, and implement the function of interaction, to the intensification of the subway public services and management, make people enjoy intelligent life, smart travel!


    Apparently touch smart advertising machine act as important role in the subway station, integration of new and high technology, both as a multimedia advertising, and carry the supporting role of service facilities, to spawn in the subway belongs to its luster! DDW diversified display technology with market, the industry elite in the field of digital signage is wisdom built appearance vogue, performance, excellent quality, not only can be used in the subway, can radiate to all areas, meet the application requirements of various display, will be more diversified, more meaningful information to everyone in the heart!