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September 14, 2016

    In recent years, due to the rapid development of China's digital signage industry.Digital advertising position continuously emerging, especially as a new media online edition of the liquid crystal advertisement machine, in just a few years of the birth of because of its extensive information coverage, with the explosive growth impact on the media advertising market, become a beautiful scenery line of advertising.The spread of this new model, began to be widely applied in multiple industries.latest company news about The Internet Age, Business Market Fighting Artifact - DDW Advertising Machine  0

    No matter you in shopping malls, Banks, airports, hotels, hospitals, and so on place can see the figure of it.From the application field of liquid crystal advertisement machine and functional purposes, it has gradually influence all aspects of the people live and work.As in the field of digital signage has prominent flagship enterprise, the market share of China science and technology now leaked liquid crystal advertisement machine for everyone so popular with the market advantage because:

    Field application show marketing advantages

    Online edition: 1, the financial industry with LCD advertising machine, financial institutions can help in the promotion of the brand image and business.Using liquid crystal advertisement machine systems play the benchmark interest rates and other financial information, and show to the customer and introduce banking business and event notification and so on.Online at the same time LCD advertising machine can also through the integration of resources to achieve more system functions, such as line up your turn, touch screen, multimedia terminals, etc., to achieve unified management information, no matter how far apart between financial, can remote control management, so as to bring significant economic effects for the financial industry.
    2, the retail chain industry: with the help of online LCD advertising machine, may be the latest information guides, product and promotion, etc.LCD advertising machine abundant display function and bright-coloured colour can effectively enhance the consumer's shopping experience, at the same time also can simplify the information release process, and finally enhance the retail industry sales of users.
    3, the hotel industry: network LCD advertising machine can also be in the hotel public areas to display information, provide hotel the omni-directional service for the customer information.Such as: hotel map, guest room to use, recommended cuisine, preferential activities information content.In addition, when necessary, online LCD advertising machine can also be based on original system develop related hotel operational support, such as automatic check-in hotel and directory services.
    4, transportation industry, relying on online LCD advertising machine, transport department can update and traffic information such as the latest timetable.In addition, liquid crystal advertisement machine also can create additional display function, such as rolling play entertainment clips, or play sports, entertainment news programs, provide passengers with myself and spend your waiting time.According to the characteristics of railway stations, airports and other traffic huge crowd, in the play interface, also can fit into a local tourist information, for foreign tourists visit route and weather conditions and other information, also can rise to ease passengers need to wait.
    5, medical industry, with the aid of network LCD advertising machine, medical institutions can play pharmaceutical, registered, hospitalization and other related information.In addition, still can use advertising machine system solutions for the doctor-patient interaction and provide a map, entertainment information content such as service, not only can simplify the medical treatment process, and conducive to relieve patients' anxiety.

    6, education industry with the aid of network students in time to rest, you can learn news both at home and abroad, and to increase students' knowledge of the outside world, and in the electronic network LCD advertising machine playing page, broadcast safety education information at any time, for the hot news, education targeted to remind the students of safety behavior.Network LCD advertising machine can be used to broadcast news, can reduce the printed newspaper, broadcast related campus information in the network LCD advertising machine, also can more attract the attention of the students.

    Humanity, intelligent operation, technical advantagesAs domestic business and expanding consumption environment, advertising demand also more and more big, digital, networked, information-based multimedia LCD advertising machine compared with the traditional card play stand-alone advertising machine has a lot of advantages:

    1, it is very convenient to maintain the contents of advertisements:Traditional advertising machine need to use a computer to copy after good content, by special personnel to advertising machine outlet change CF card, cause waste of human resources, and the efficiency is very low;Electronic network advertising machine, IP access via the Internet, by controlling the host in the office, directly to update the content uploaded to the advertising machine, you can also delete, sorting, set the rules of play, spot control, etc., can be easily done within a few minutes, but also save a large amount of manpower costs.

    2, advertising management becomes more flexible, more efficient:Traditional LCD advertising machine need arrangement good programs in advance playlists, how to begin airing in the site, the general layout, need longer time to carry them out, and replace the round very inconvenient, need a large amount of manpower;Electronic network advertising machine easily solved the problem of all network programming, replacement, call waiting, showing arrangement need only with software on the server management end control, issued an order.Overnight, as it were, can put an AD in the designated cities of branches, fast, the human cost is almost zero.

    3, customer showing, replacement program, more simple, can provide a more humane, advertising control:For example, a customer can take turns to play within a week of different advertising content, is set to replace rise more convenient, so that customers get more spending on advertising to achieve good returns, has a greater potential to attract customers!Advanced, efficient and economic characteristics of competitive advantage

    1, advanced: LCD advertising machine broadcast viewers are young, middle class, a group of high education level, because this part of the group purchasing power is strong and has a strong market influence, therefore extremely has the development potential of market channels.

    2, high efficiency: network LCD advertising machine can store large amounts of information, can transmit information quality and accuracy far more than other media, and can meet the market demand, update information or adjusted, so the timely and effective to meet customer needs.

    3, economy: network LCD advertising machine before get rid of the traditional advertising model, such as traditional distributing leaflets, newspaper, etc., at the same time provide many kinds of environmental protection, energy saving, multiple propagation, can reduce the flyers, newspapers, television, advertising, on the one hand, can reduce printing and postage, expensiveTV advertising costs, on the other hand, rewriting the CF card, SD card can reduce the switching losses for many times.

    Business ten years, liquid crystal advertisement machine industry has increasingly mature, the market will usher in a new round of rapid growth.DDW focus multimedia technology with years of experience in technology, products, strict quality management, create high value for the user, be best supplier advertising machine field.