The LCD panel make convenient airport

September 22, 2016

    Liquid crystal splicing screen, touch the advertising machine, exert a subtle influence on work in our lives, such as airport, used to collect the tickets, ticket each link is a waste of time, are now in order, and at the same time to ensure the efficiency and speed are popular among users. These products in the airport service quality in the process of ascension had what effect? Listen to below small make up slightly said.

    The LCD splicing screen

    1 LCD splicing screen

    Liquid crystal splicing screen has become a new landscape of airports, it has a bright color science and technology, high definition, beautiful generous, the DDW flat-fell seam as low as 3.5 mm, nearly seamless splicing, joining together the contents of the large screen display is clear that grabs an eye, can effectively adjust the atmosphere of the airport. Flight delays, the original plan was unable to complete, the passenger mood is inevitable, especially after a long wait. Through liquid crystal splicing screen, can be in real-time to broadcast news, entertainment news, call waiting at the airport some ads, rich spare time, passengers can embody human airport also allows users to easily see the contents of advertisements, reach the highest realm of advertising effectiveness.

    Touch the advertising machine

    Touch the checking terminal 2.

    Touch gets to make the airport instead of the traditional cramming advertising model, instead, the trend of the touch of efficient process system. In practice, for example, once the extreme weather, passenger behavior such as consultation, eat and refund will be concentrated, bring a lot of pressure to the front desk, is not conducive to the airport order maintenance. By touch gets, the passenger can use the corresponding information to guide system, easy to obtain relevant information or complete a simple operation, effectively alleviate the pressure of the window, improve the quality of service at the airport.

    For the introduction of some general information, users can also use the information in the guidance system, query by touch, easy access, not only save a lot of time for the user to the airport to save human capital investment, reduce operating costs. Can provide related services for airport passenger information. Such as flight dynamic information, passenger information, weather information, delay notification, boarding notice, emergency notification information and other information and entertainment shows on television, or commercial advertisement, etc., bring convenience to the user.

    DDW realize LCD screen is not only the LCD panel, actually it can be help you at the airport ticket, ticket, ticket please, query of basic business efficient staff, or it can be a refreshing for you when you lonely or bored standby of old friends. So in other areas it is also have the effect of different, have unconsciously morph into a part of our lives. As a result, more and more LCD splicing screen will bring people more convenient.