The LCD panel "shrink" have you ever heard of?

September 26, 2016

    All said to vegetable market to bring the balance, but I told you to buy a TV now to bring ruler, you will feel very strange? Recently a wonderful work happened in guangdong, a citizen to buy a TV set size has shrunk.

When it comes to TV, everyone knows that there are 30 inches, 40, 50 inches, and so on a variety of criteria, but how many people really have studied whether the size is accurate? Earlier, Mr. Chen bought company 12 sets of 42 inch LCD TV, results truer. He found that don't have a 42 inch LCD. According to the standard, the size of the LCD screen refers to the length of the diagonal LCD, according to an inch equals 2.54 cm, 42 inch TV the diagonal screen should be 106.68 cm, the results of Chen volume down only 101.5 cm, entire shrink 5 cm.

    Like this, there are also a lot of in a home appliance sells downtown, for example, reporters were checked by take a tape measure. A certain brand of 32 inch TV screen diagonal length, according to the actual length, it should be 81.28 cm, and the actual measurement results only diagonal length 80 cm, shorter than they should be a little bit of a few centimeters. In addition, the other parts of the brand of a similar size shrink, that's what causes? Engaged in for nearly 20 years of home appliance maintenance senior the personage inside course of study thinks, different brand the gap appears on the LCD screen size, should be a process problem.

    Even people do splicing screen also has a "shrink" phenomenon, including the key parameters of liquid crystal splicing screen flat-fell seam out many versions, let consumers understand, flat-fell seam is known to all, the lower the better, flat-fell seam directly determines the quality of feeling, but many of the screen with the naked eye can't accurate judgment error of a few millimeters, produced the actual area of the LCD panel and no parameters of written so big, flat-fell seam alone occupy part of buy LCD splicing screen can use a special instrument to measure splice screen flat-fell seam.


    For LCD screen size, at present no provisions of the state, and in the production of LCD manufacturers also more and more, people just perform in accordance with the industry standard, so this kind of shrinking of the case is not rare. In spite of the survey we found no 5 cm such a big gap, but in the case of the LCD panel shrink, still is consumer feel very dissatisfied, therefore, in mind when buying LCD industry brand, the brand of DDW integrating production, sales and after-sale one-stop service, bring the brand guarantee and rely on the quality of the spectrum.