The LCD splicing become a rising star, have the courage to challenge the DLP

October 14, 2016

    Liquid crystal splicing screen in recent years the development of rapid, and under the competition of the three major technology, liquid crystal splicing screen to have the courage to challenge the DLP, become a rising star. DDW LCD splicing in commercial applications are favored by more and more. The DDW LCD splicing unique advantages to occupy large screen in the Chinese market. Each big LCD splicing screen manufacturers insist on getting the product at the same time, pay attention to the advanced product technology, strive to give users the most perfect, the most advanced technology solutions. Like strong DDW will locate good big screen market, from the DLP rear projection market grab LCD splicing business.

    From spell sew, DLP flat-fell seam is less than the LCD flat-fell seam, but due to the LCD splicing the advantage of its high performance won the fond of the market; DLP rear projection splicing is characterized by simple, easy to do good perspective, large size, small flat-fell seam (below 1 mm and 0.5 mm). Defect is large footprint, life is short, use 2500-5000 hours, need to change the light bulb, the maintenance cost is high. Because of the DLP display using multiple display unit joining together, the picture quality is not high, reaches a certain number of stitching will appear uneven color and brightness. PDP splicing features a high contrast, high brightness, good view, good color, dynamic picture is clear, smaller volume, smaller flat-fell seam below (6 mm). Defect is reliability is not high, easy to out of order, maintenance cost is higher, need high pressure work for a long time, there is a certain risk, high power consumption easy fever, according to the static images easy to burn, brightness decay faster, and repair. Used for splicing of products as the exclusive production, price is high, the splicing market have a certain influence. It appears in a certain extent, make up for the defect of the CRT joining together, meet the needs of the market, the price in the middle, as mainstream products on the market at present. And liquid crystal splicing screen ultra-thin panels, maintenance costs low, prices are also gradually decline, also let more industries have the ability to contact the LCD splicing.

    Liquid crystal splicing is gradually into the people live and work in recent years, the new display of carrier. Due to its fashion, low radiation, energy saving, save a space, splicing gap is small, stable, clear picture, is loved by the masses of users. With the start of the market, the price drop, make more users have the opportunity to use this product. So the LCD display unit of wall, began to be popularized and applied in all walks of life. Now has become a large-scale exhibitions, public places, video conference, multi-function hall, television, entertainment, television monitoring and so on essential display device. And the development of liquid crystal splicing screen in the future, also will continue to upgrade product, high-definition with a touch of will become the next development goals. The emergence of this technology will also bring good market LCD splicing.

    LCD splicing screen display industry is a rising star, its low power consumption, high performance, can work continuously for a long time, high resolution (high resolution), bright colors, rich color level, can produce different grey class times and millions of kinds of color of beautiful beautiful image, high reliability, long life and low maintenance costs (little), the most frivolous, the smallest, size is complete, all sizes can be arbitrarily splicing, quickly attracted the user's eye. In the LCD splicing screen appears, quickly raised a hot wave of market on a large screen. As a rising star, have confidence in the development of more and more prosperous in the future.