The LCD splicing place is the DDW

October 10, 2016

    SHENZHEN DDW TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is a company dedicated to provide professional commercial display solutions, product TECHNOLOGY, production, sales and service in a body's high tech enterprise, is the SHENZHEN LCD splicing in one of the few more strength and actual combat experience of liquid crystal display products enterprises.

Since its establishment, the DDW with high strength, diverse products market channels and perfect after-sales service, in the LCD splicing of users within the industry won a good reputation and stable upward market. Products in China, anhui, Inner Mongolia, sichuan, kunming, nanjing and other places, products related to security, education, household, office and other industries, by the vast number of users praise.


    So obvious in today's market homogeneity, LCD splicing forward, if there is no technological innovation by the circle will no doubt be eliminated by the market, forgotten by the user. DDW knows the importance of product innovation, so on liquid crystal splicing screen product technology is always strive for perfection, endless. In addition to having multiple splicing, digital Mosaic, dynamic compensation, 3 d digital noise reduction, 3 d interpolation dressing about wave and a series of industry leading product technology, and the sole leading "anti-aliasing liu processing technology" and so on a number of unique technology, but also won the domestic various certification system, got some international certification. On the product of splicing technology, is also a continuous, innovation. After 6.5 mm spell joint products, has introduced 3.9 mm spell seams DDW LCD splicing screen, realize the seamless connection, let the user experience higher and better the image quality of horizon. On the product specification is also free and varied, including 40, 46, 55, 70, 82, etc. Various size LCD splicing products, is the domestic DDW LCD splicing display one of the most perfect enterprise products. At the same time, our installation and after-sale service is first-class, specialist installation instructions, use process if any problem, customer service warm and thoughtful service for you at any time, make sure you are using in the process of the product at ease, rest assured, enhance the user experience.


    "We are adhering to the" rigorous, responsibility, service, innovation "business philosophy, integrity management, standardize management. Adhere to the" share a win-win, harmonious development "with the customer as our principle of cooperation, pleasant cooperation, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit. Responsibility, mutual aid, service customers, innovation and development" is the enterprise core value of DDW accountable, whole-hearted service, continuous innovation is the social and the customer the best feedback is also our strength.