The LCD splicing screen at a low price, do you think make?

September 14, 2016

    If 6000 and 2000 LCD screen, a gift, you must choose 6000, if the 6000 and 2000 LCD screen, let you buy a lot of choice for 2000, then the problem is coming, this is why, in fact you subconscious, know the value and price is proportional to the! But in life, people often choose to deceive oneself to buy cheap, actually picked up cheap to buy cheap does not mean. Because we can never use chery price buy a bentley, like impossible for small workshops earnings of LCD screen to buy brand LCD screen.

    On the LCD splicing screen is big screen market at present the most popular with users of display screen, its application field have across government, venues, transportation, energy, finance, radio and television, entertainment, health care, education, and many other industries. With the progress of splicing technology in recent years, liquid crystal splicing screen manufacturing cost has been reduced, the price of LCD splicing screen more populist can reduce customer input, let original budget projects launched, for the user is a very pleasant thing. But as the LCD splicing the rapid development of increasingly fierce market competition, price competition is fierce in the market, the price of LCD splicing screen a drop down with vendors getting even below cost price, this is really reliable customer choice? What's behind this unknown secret?

     First DDW parsing manufacturer for you on the LCD splicing screen pricing: LCD screen LCD splicing price = cost + splicing processor cost + + accessories and hardware cost plug-in cost + wire production costs + + artificial cost + profit + service.

    From the above price calculation, we can learn the price of LCD splicing screen determinants include many aspects, although the LCD screen is one of the biggest cost, but many aspects it face up to many other costs. As you can imagine, why different manufacturer price can make A big difference, if the factory adopts LCD screen or use the gauge screen instead of A break? Splicing processor cost control and "less" other costs "compression" some more, so the whole price of the product is the natural cost is "low", but at the same time is the quality of the LCD splicing screen of a complete set of products is also accompanied by down! Low price, do you really trust?

    As is known to all, a complete set of LCD splicing system construction and one-time transaction is slightly different, it involves the pre-sale technical consulting environment inspection plan formulation, sale installation and after-sales maintenance technical support be short of one cannot, some small workshops on the market at present in order to secure a position in the market at a low price to attract users, and does not have the corresponding enterprise strength will also bring hidden danger for the user, so the users in the LCD splicing screen of choose and buy products, the pursuit of low prices, but also should pay attention to behind the trap.

A penny a points goods, discount can only be based on product guarantee profits, impossible to have very low prices, good products, emperor ai emperor pays attention to product quality, price and high quality service, is the commercial display option.