The LCD splicing screen connected to the computer method for large clips

November 1, 2016

    LCD splicing market development by leaps and bounds, widely used in all have, in general, the LCD splicing are connected to the computer screen and combination of more and more, the connection use plays an important role, many enterprises LCD splicing screen after installation, such as at the time of the meeting, some files to USES joining together of liquid crystal display screen, and training, especially anywhere there are a lot of people, the training materials to use large screen display, and the multimedia classroom in the school, the lecturer to give us a lecture on courseware with large screen display, etc., these are all must connect computers and liquid crystal splicing screen use. For this reason, the DDW summary for everyone to use part of the connection methods for your reference.

    Hardware connection

    Liquid crystal splicing screen connection is first hardware connection, how can the LCD splicing screen connected to the computer? To the LCD splicing screen more understanding of the people should know that LCD splicing screen is made up by many small screen, there are many signal interface LCD splicing screen behind. Such as HDMI, DVI, VGA, RGB, component, terminal, and is connected to the computer's VGA interface. Usually we only need to connect the computer with VGA interface on it. It is only on a single screen end connections. But under normal circumstances, only a single screen little connection, mostly composed of multiple small screen, such as there are 12 pieces of liquid crystal splicing screen how can we connect with computer? LCD splicing screen with every small piece of joining together the processor, and multiple stitching between processor is connected, when a project is the splice screen combination is completed, it was quite a display device, we only need to transport signal into all the way. And in the actual cases, many industries need to use multiple computers connected to the LCD splicing wall. This time we must be equipped with matrix and matrix interface more rich, as long as we find the corresponding interface. But once involved in matrix signal access, professional and technical personnel to install DDW Suggestions please suppliers. After all, professional and technical personnel to understand the principle of the comparison screen, have what problem can also be a good solution.

    Connect the resolution

    Hardware connection is a very important link, the hardware connection, we need to pay attention to is the resolution of the LCD splicing screen, LCD splicing the resolution of the screen is also a very important details, this is directly related to the LCD splicing screen display effect, so, this problem is also LCD splicing screen one of the keys to successful connection. At present, the widely used two kinds of resolution 1366 x 1080 x 768 and 768, there is substantial difference between both, in general, different sizes of spell spell screen resolution is different, because of the working principle of the LCD splicing screen, LCD splicing screen resolution is fixed, so it is the best resolution is the actual resolution, and we are connected to the computer, the best choice and closest to the resolution of the LCD splicing screen resolution Settings, specific methods are as follows: right-click the desktop space, in the context menu select "properties", "display properties" window, click "Settings" TAB, and adjust the Settings under the "screen resolution" is ok.

    In the concrete operation of the above two ways is that we need to pay attention to matters, after the connection is in order, we can clearly visible on your desktop. In the clear the table we can install the LCD splicing screen control soft, when after installation of the software, we can operate freely according to navigation, more powerful, the LCD splicing screen is at your mercy, when selecting a control software is to ascertain the authenticity of the software, do not use the fake software, this is very serious, can make the LCD splicing screen can't work normally. Liquid crystal splicing are connected to the computer screen method is easy to understand, but also is more details to practice exercises. DDW on LCD splicing screen products constantly, various series can choose according to the demand, various sizes of guaranteed quality, first-class after-sales service, professional technical team door to door service. If you have any question in use may consult the company's customer service.