The LCD splicing screen endless innovation

February 13, 2017

    Liquid crystal splicing screen thanks to the support of national policy, the LCD splicing screen large scale application of high-speed advance, with high definition, high brightness, low power consumption, ultra thin, high life, no radiation, as much as 97% of color saturation, screen brightness uniformity, colour and lustre is gorgeous, and many other advantages widely popular among various fields, its application field has across advertising, entertainment, security and other fields.

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    Especially in recent years people to the backend shows demand is also more rich, more and more is also high to the requirement of security terminal display products. Market urgently needs a kind of high reliability, and support the whole function of signal channels, flexible display combination way, a roaming tensile hd display system to meet the needs of industry.


    DDW LCD splicing screen splicing system from product to application, from the solution to the system, from engineering to maintain aspects need to be accumulated rich technical experience and explore. For enterprises not only should have unique stitching technique, in joining together humanization continuous product improvement, and provide customers with satisfaction, appropriate and economical solutions.


    Of course on the package must take innovation as the theme, to the project as a carrier, through high-end hardware equipment and creative perfect combination of soft power, in the form of specific project application, presents the "innovation, endless" solutions to the customers, at the same time, and continue to create business value.


    DDW for commercial display solutions provider, by integrating the solution in a wide range of industries, created the wisdom of the professional solutions, provide the DDW is not only the high quality product, but a whole shows excellent application system solutions, one after another successful cases, let more and more users choose emperor ai emperor, emperor ai emperor is more trust and identity, in the New Year 2017, DDW in gratitude at the same time, will go further.