The LCD splicing screen era of 1.8 mm What is the significance?

January 9, 2017

    For the LCD splicing, flat-fell seam technology upgrade is now extremely typical representative of technology innovation, and, because the seam technology continuity, the stronger the strong became law. Based on the enterprise sustainable development point of view, flat-fell seam technology has become a corporate market hierarchies of watershed, its leading or not directly affects the industry status of the enterprise, thus influence the industry say. This also is doomed, before in liquid crystal display technology limit is reached, the industry enterprises of flat-fell seam technology improve enthusiasm will not reduce.


    However, in the specific market application level, industry user's choice of LCD splicing screen products are more and more rational, not the most advanced but beg the most suitable. This will directly lead to the LCD splicing the diversity of products on the market, for example, in the process of 3.5 mm product popularization, 5.5 mm and 3.9 mm, 3.7 mm and 3.6 mm products still have their respective application space. To this point in the 1.8 mm flat-fell seam LCD splicing applies on product promotion, from the perspective of practical application, the 1.8 mm flat-fell seam LCD splicing products to open application time on real significance, obviously needs to be after a certain time. As for how long is the time, but also by the upper panel production scale of enterprises, manufacturers of a variety of factors such as the promotion decision.

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    And, of course, there is no denying the fact that the emergence of the 1.8 mm LCD splicing products, let the LCD splicing screen showing effect to realize a qualitative leap in the it for the LCD splicing screen high-end application increased the leverage. Application in mid-range market, LCD splicing screen has become a well-deserved, however, high-end display market, because the seam is too big, it has been unable to contend with DLP stitching display, small spacing, nowadays, the emergence of the 1.8 mm products to change the pattern of the market. With 1.8 mm LCD splicing and product's popularization, the LCD splicing screen or will have their own high-end display time, the high-end digital signage applications, high-end security display applications, or will become the typical test field.


    The effects of 1.8 mm era coming to the market


    Users, channels for more choice


    Must have 1.8 mm LCD splicing nature is the most affected by the advent of LCD splicing industry itself, the 1.8 mm flat-fell seam is almost close to 5 m distance for complex image when viewed human eyes or dynamic image resolution limit, in other words, when more than 5 meters distance to watch, 1.8 mm flat-fell seam images caused by the split almost disappeared, the feeling of this for the previous LCD splicing products is undoubtedly a huge progress, also further closer to the LCD splicing and two other big field claims no flat-fell seam technology, namely the DLP rear projection splicing LED screen and small spacing in the split on the issue of difference.


    So it is easy to understand, in the past due to the large LCD splicing flat-fell seam and inconvenient use area, such as the need to display detailed information such as charts, portrait of monitoring dispatching room, studio and other high-end application domain users can consider to use 1.8 mm LCD splicing products. As a result, the application range of the LCD splicing is further widen, at some past never also with application possible. In this sense, the 1.8 mm LCD splicing, ask the user certainly brought more rich product selection.


    Not only that, but its nature also has an important influence for distributors. For distributors and integrators, how to satisfy the user requirements of diversification is a hotspot of current and future industry competition. After the LCD splicing was 1.8 mm, distributors and integrators have more diversified choice space, both for its profits or brand competition has a positive meaning.


    Optimize the structure of liquid crystal splicing enterprises


    For LCD splicing, 1.8 mm Mosaic products as the core technology of high entry is advantageous to the enterprise in the fierce competition, product homogeneity layout to improve their own products, and optimize its market structure, strengthen the brand influence.


    From a more substantial level, in the current LCD splicing market inevitably involved in the background of low price competition, corporate profit margins shrinking, LCD splicing enterprises urgently need a new, high-end products to seek new point value. And 1.8 mm Mosaic products in just such a role, will undoubtedly conducive to improve enterprise's profit margins and profitability.


    Rewrite the high-end market competition


    Before 1.8 mm products, liquid crystal splicing due to relatively obvious flat-fell seam, the picture complete degree is unable to meet the needs of fine display, and command scheduling, shut out of the studio and other high-end indoor application, so these areas have long been flat-fell seam smaller DLP splicing and new small spacing of the LED screen. Remember, the 1.8 mm LCD splicing in 5 metres away when viewed flat-fell seam is almost imperceptible, as a result, liquid crystal splicing in the field of high-end display application has become possible.


    Further said that the 1.8 mm LCD splicing display for high-end market has injected fresh blood, changed the high-end market competition pattern. Will on the one hand, by introducing a new competitive factors accelerate the high-end display products and services price decline, the end user to get more benefit; On the other hand, it is helpful to promote enterprise by competition will be more attention to improve the quality of product and service quality, which benefits the optimization of high-end display market competition, to break the current dilemma of homogeneity.


    Construction industry safety barriers


    From the perspective of industry security, the LCD panel manufacturing in China has considerable strength, has a relatively perfect panel process technology, despite the current 1.8 mm splicing technology is still in the hands of LG, but the core technology and DLP by TI company compared to control the situation, in the field of high-end display drive LCD splicing, for the safety of the display industry in our country is more optimistic.