The LCD splicing screen how to open a new era

September 29, 2016

    In the LCD splicing screen industries, when it comes to the LCD splicing, the personage inside course of study thinks of above all must be the DDW, in addition to being the entire LCD splicing screen leading enterprises, is always in the forefront of commercial display splicing screen, in addition to this, emperor ai emperor LCD splicing screen pre-sale and after-sale service always adhere to the customer is god's purpose. The latest research and development technology and the most professional technology to solve the problem of after-sales, makes the DDW products by the broad masses of users favor!


    LCD splicing screen graphics functions of cutting edge

    Choose professional LCD splicing control chip skills, the whole machine has a major such as HDMI/VGA/Ypbpr/AV signal interface, strong anti-jamming capability supply level data RS232 control in the control interface, support stitching location, convenient control of independent control software using cooperation initiative to complete more screen splicing function, support picture in picture and travel overlay function

    Industrial-grade liquid crystal panel and ultra narrow splicing

    Strictly selected excellent original import A gauge LCD panel, prestige to confirm the material supply, ensure the quality of goods thin narrow edge planning, 1.8 mm physical flat-fell seam, complete seamless splicing appreciate high-definition picture. Selects the latest 3 d image digital processing circuit, the Full HD 1080 p resolution, view is broad, high brightness 700 lumens, pictures under strong ambient light bright, gorgeous soft Full screen equilibrium under dark ambient light brightness, 100% of the color temperature adjustment, high intensity of illumination, the high-definition picture perfect, LED backlight color reduction degree is higher, take the initiative to set up and take the initiative to adjust image processing function


    Take the initiative to confirmed


    Planning of industrial-grade sensor module, can judge the internal temperature of concave and convex, and start the fan to use common duct planning, scientific cooling system planning, fast cooling, echo of supply high temperature alarm function


    Energy conservation and backlight


    Low power consumption, energy conservation, environmental protection, no radiation, have no signal active standby function, can complete part of the backlight actively regulate, save electricity 35% screen maintenance function, useful extension commodity use time of liquid crystal splicing screen operation life of up to 50000 hours to On, can support 7 * 24 h uninterrupted work.