The LCD Splicing Screen Leads The Way Application Times Have Open It

August 30, 2016

     Under the giant led, LCD splicing screen began to enter the market, at a later time, various industries to you. Accurate analysis of industry trends, LCD splicing screen market scale rapid expansion, transition from "market" to "international market" long-cherished wish finally realized, stage has come, to popularize and apply application times have really open.latest company news about The LCD Splicing Screen Leads The Way Application Times Have Open It  0

    Liquid crystal splicing screen is the most high-end, the ideal display device, its superior performance, has won a wide recognition. Using LCD screen LCD splicing wall as splicing unit, is the CRT curtain wall, DLP, PDP splicing wall splicing wall after splicing wall systems of the latest technology.

    In the backdrop of the homogeneity of display industry, with Really sharp li, the industry see ascension large screen splicing display system for the intelligent is a key to new competition. New generation LCD splicing technology can through the wireless network environment using IP technology and autonomous transformation of specialized software to manipulate splicing servers, can be installed more than 250 kinds of demo plan, demo program also become very simple, the maintenance convenient installation, for project traders bring great convenience in the project implementation.

    Unlike surveillance cameras, network transmission has huge superiority on the LCD splicing, it can be under the condition of the transmission distance is farther still images of high quality, realize high-definition monitor and so on. LCD splicing screen network development is the inevitable trend of future development, as people in the pursuit of new technology and high efficiency, no single function equipment ultimately escape the fate out, so through unremitting efforts in the LCD splicing screen 3.5 mm flat-fell seam "seamless" stitching and 4 k after hd, a new generation of LCD splicing on implementation network function once again leading the industry.

Compared with the previous control method, line control easily influenced by transmission distance, voltage disturbances, such as RS232 transmission distance cannot be more than 20 meters, and vulnerable to the effects of voltage instability; Infrared control easily influenced by obstructions, transmission distance is short. LCD splicing technology and a new generation of network control functions are not restricted by distance can be remotely, through direct access switches connected to a network, any a smart terminal in the local area network can be controlled by authorization. And can be directly connected in a wireless network environment, but also authorized four administrator account control at the same time. Using multiple workstations resources effectively, reduce the line of annoyance.

    A new generation of liquid crystal Mosaic series products with intelligent power management technology and automatic brightness control function. Also extends the generation of automatic refresh frequency technology and automatically adjust the backlight function, they can through the system control, backlight intensity and default automatically adjust the brightness with ambient illumination, further reduce the energy consumption. Also has the function of timer switch machine, can in the preset time start-up, shutdown, and automatically entered into a state of energy saving.

    Information and the economy has always been support each other, restrict each other, each big enterprises and units required to monitor the amount of information will be in a rising state, the terminal display of large scale, intelligence is the ultimate pursuit, LCD splicing screen to meet user demand for big size, can certainly continued in an impregnable position in the future market competition.