The LCD splicing screen much market welcome

September 27, 2016

    At present, the splicing screen display area can be divided into three major technology, including DLP, PDP, LCD splicing display technology, among them, and with liquid crystal splicing screen most development advantage. Now, splicing screen has been very widely used in every industry, from the earliest of radio, film and television, to the city emergency command, public security, 110, the traffic police command center, power monitoring, finance, industry such as monitoring, and community, public places, factory production monitoring, meetings, KTV, hotel, restaurant, shopping malls and so on.

    Traditional use of flat TV and projection compared with LCD splicing screen, in addition to the listed earlier, big discounts on the function, the traditional flat TV and projection, there is a certain technology and results such as flat-panel TV size limitation, because of the brightness in the projection light intense environment, picture and will be affected by certain influence, etc., to achieve the effect of far less than the LCD splicing screen.

    LCD splicing screen product has high brightness, high resolution, low power consumption, light weight, no radiation, as much as 97% of color saturation and brightness even, colour and lustre is clear picture etc. Advantage, service life than the flat-panel TV for a long time, generally the life of the emperor ai emperor LCD screen can be up to 100000 hours, 24 hours support work, above can be easily do standard hd resolution even full hd 1080 p level, power and heat is relatively small. With the trend of LCD to replace CRT is more and more obvious, also in the whole LCD splicing screen market expanding.

    With the progress of society, science and technology developed, the consumer experience of life more and more emphasized, technical standards have been improving and innovation from all walks of life, the LCD splicing screen is a product of "winner-take-all" men, women and children, shifts by centering on the product to the consumer as the center, combined with the trend of Internet +, the applicable scope has expanded single security from the past to the present education, conference, entertainment and other fields, DDW with the development of times, the LCD splicing screen products to expand the market.