The LCD splicing screen quality checks?

October 31, 2016

    In recent years, with the mature of the LCD splicing screen industry technology, production equipment transparent factors such as the spread of technology, such as more manufacturers involved in the production and sales of LCD screen, the product quality is uneven. A LCD screen at the same time because of the circulation in the rental market have different degree of the old and new, different technology and quality, causes such as the disordered competition performances of liquid crystal splicing screen to play the phenomenon of frequent accidents, the light will influence show effect, or will affect the program completion, led to record, etc., appeared in the process of the encounter live broadcast accident will produce serious consequences incalculable, how to reduce or avoid the liquid crystal splicing screen play accident has become the industry must pay attention to the problem.


    For leasing demanders, try to choose the industry credibility good strong suppliers

Supplier strength to a certain extent determines the joining together the quality of the screen, at the same time, the supplier of strength has more professional technical force and rich experience, at the same time, equipment maintenance and operation ability is stronger. Screen choose according to actual demand, need not too much pursuit, is often used for a period of time the screen has a better stability and performance.



    LCD splicing screen to the maintenance of the test

    LCD splicing screen should be regular overhaul maintenance equipment, check the quality of cables, frequent disassembling transportation leasing industry, should be regularly check the quality of connectors, tighten bolts, such as the connection parts, wire test regularly, prevent insulation breakdown, solder joints, even loose, etc. Conditional should periodically check switch power supply, power supply for power testing and detection of ripple caused by power failure problem is relatively common and difficult to determine. Finally to reaffirm security problem, the screen operation, in the face of high altitude, heavy current, a lot of security problems, such as wind load work must pay attention to wear safety protection device, pay attention to the operation safety, weight big screen at the same time, the area is large, large wind resistance, construction must pay attention to the foundation is solid, back shelf stability, weight is reasonable.


    DDW thought in the modern performance, big splice screen with flexible expression, bearing the advantages of large amount of information occupies more and more important position in the performances. LCD splicing screen at the stage of the proportion of more and more, from atmosphere rendering performance content and gradually expand to the scene with the cast, the main visual, VCR, and even play some shows important cooperation and rendering. So literally LCD splicing screen has become a vital part of the performance now. As a result, the quality of the LCD splicing screen is undoubtedly the most concern is also the most important link.