The LCD splicing screen space between "micro" market

November 23, 2016

    Since the second half of last year, small spacing LCD splicing enterprises some hesitation. Problems are two: smaller than small spacing "micro space" the product failed to break through; According to industry's largest independent market also failed to break through "home". Both, was the industry's "dream".



    Space between "micro" technology first, can meet the technical requirements of the enterprise is not much, also from a cost point of view, the cost of merchants affordability and market strength is not strong, cannot achieve "marketization". So the development of the space between "micro" should rest instead of into the slow lane and is a better way to deal with.


    Second, the LCD splicing screen household market competition is fierce, LCD splicing screen because of the market share is narrow and small spacing two limitations of the high cost of development.


    For the above two problems, small spacing LCD splicing screen enterprises now have consensus: put a put the original ideas, to explore the "commercial" value.


    The so-called small spacing LCD splicing screen commercial market, actually is not a "specific" type of products. But referring to do not need special customized, have bulk requirements, may be bulk supply of those applications. Look from the object, the commercial market is facing the enterprises, governments, institutions, social organizations. Look from the application types including public, conference room to display, large-scale multimedia classroom, cultural facilities, scientific and technological innovation in the field, and so on.


    For the commercial market, but also the understanding of the need to have another dimension: LCD splicing screen must be found to withstand small spacing "high cost" of the market. But many areas of commercial market, just meet the effect first, the cost is more tolerant characteristic.


    Because of this, you can use the following three sentences to describe small spacing commercial "outlook" : LCD splicing screen can afford a lot of advantage, there are some, competing goods is more, wars are freed, but win just messy. With contrast color television market: could afford less unknown, advantages, market competition into the open. Sta contrast, can see small spacing LCD splicing aggressively expand the commercial market, is a clever move. Commercial market will become namely after the engineering application, small spacing LCD splicing products and a strong growth.


    In the face of the "direction" transformation of the industry, small spacing behind what is the nature of law? "Cost" attribute has become the key to the industry orientation.


    From a technical point of view


    "The effective demand of the boundary of technical evolution", and now small spacing LCD splicing screen "technical strength" of the product, objectively determines the future competition will revolve around "cost".


    Seen from the development of the industry market


    From high-end engineering, to the ordinary engineering, to the commercial, to home - this is a process of cost tolerance gradually reduce. Or, small spacing LCD splicing screen if you want to set up performance in a broader market, then you must "get warlords" on cost.


    So, the cost is the key to the future development - this is the small distance between the fundamental law of the biggest LCD splicing screen industry. To find the direction, can grasp the target market. For years in a row, according to the observation of small spacing LCD splicing screen industry development experience, namely "point to the direction, is more important than climbing up the tech tree".


    DDW review: is the so-called: all roads lead to Rome. Liquid crystal splicing development direction is not one-way, but a multi-dimensional. LCD splicing enterprise also is such, although technological innovation is the fundamental industry development, however, the development of other direction is industry forward, up the development of space, do not ignore the whole forest for a tree, hanging in the technology of this tree