The LCD splicing screen switch greatly exquisite

November 14, 2016

     In today's society, the development of science and technology, economy, accelerating urbanization construction, LCD splicing screen update, starting with the most heavy machine into today's ultra-thin machine, the progress of The Times, is also the generation in a generation. DDW today with everybody to popularize the use of the liquid crystal splicing screen switch shortcut, avoid error at the time of operation.


     A consumer is buying LCD splicing screen when some people will question, product box has a remote control, the remote control is what? LCD splicing screen are technicians use the remote control, more is to modify a big screen set parameters, and not the user operation switch machine tools. So, is there other in addition to turn off the power switch machine usage? This is, of course, the use of liquid crystal splicing screen will install a software, this software can take place, set the timer switch machine, also can in the software operational control screen to turn it off.


     LCD splicing screen quality panel structure, strong stability, strong fighting force, withstand voltage change is strong. LCD splicing screen can do so directly with the power switch control, as long as the power supply control part and a professional open, can use directly open control switch machine LCD splicing screen every day. Which is also the DLP and projection screen display can't do it. Because, DLP, projection if use the power switch machine for long time, will reduce the life span, high damage rate. LCD splicing screen can switch power supply, and from the internal power of control part of the special manufacturing, which is industry think more high-tech than DLP and LCD splicing screen projector.


     Outside on the one hand, the LCD splicing screen directly pull the switch machine is not frequently used. Because the LCD splicing screen mining have super added explosion-proof glass coating surface treatment technology, thermal deformation, use for a long time will not appear inside concave or convex surface phenomenon. Traditional internal display is composed of many circuits, the circuit drives the cathode ray tube work, need to consume a lot of power, and with the increase of volume, the consumption of the internal circuit power will certainly increase. By comparison, the power consumption of LCD main consumption on its internal electrode and driver IC, so power consumption than conventional displays is much smaller. Longer life and do not shut down for 365 days to use, can let we don't need to turn it off, and liquid crystal splicing screen also is more used in the monitoring center, dispatch center, KTV, so need long time not to turn it off. Ok, LCD splicing screen turned off using has finished, DDW hope the broad masses of consumers to be able to perfect the LCD splicing screen operation.