The LCD splicing size of the benefits of diversification

October 31, 2016

    As the LCD splicing screen slowly spread, diversified development, the size of the LCD splicing have appeared in the current common size 40, 46, 55, 60, such as size, which is the most commonly used size. Scale among them, these are some splicing model, and according to the technology development, there have been some big size of the monomer, for example, the emperor of emperor ai electronic launch monomer, 70, 82 inches, are more widely used.     The diversity of product size can better satisfy the diverse application environments, convenient for customer choice, also is more advantageous to the LCD splicing industry development. At the same time, the diversification of product size also means that the rapid development of industry, means that the industry have more capital and technology, continues to perfect the product line. With the diversification of products, narrower flat-fell seam, LED back light, high brightness for development and application of new technology, such as product will be more mature; Finally, the diversification of product size, impact for liquid crystal Mosaic products high-end market, share control with traditional display DLP products market laid a solid foundation, also to meet the emerging markets such as security, commercial display.

    In the size of commonly used, is the use of 40 and 60 inches most hot, this two size is quite promising in future development, as the industry application of refinement, display manufacturers start from single product provider gradually integrated strong solution provider to the transformation. Excuse me, in the future market development, the role positioning of liquid crystal Mosaic manufacturer will happen, whether will be the stronger, the strong and the weak to survive? With integrated solutions ahead of the competition ability of enterprise. With the application of refinement, the customer's requirements is no longer a general product solutions, more incline to combine business efficiency improvement and function realization of application solutions, so that the business level, different growing industries.

    LCD splicing diversified product size of driving the development of the LCD splicing screen market, and with the emergence of this size diversity, manufacturers began to sew products, ultra narrow edge design, liquid crystal splicing product flexibility, makes the market more and more hot. DDW is specialized in the supply of liquid crystal splicing screen products businesses, both in size and very mature technology. At the same time, the size of the LCD splicing of diversified development also brings to the DDW unlimited space for development.