The LCD splicing wall can be accomplished without norms or standards

September 21, 2016

    Face full of beautiful things in eyes, type of product, already let the consumer dazzling, how to choose and buy quality, higher ratio of splicing wall products, and many users are headache. Many specifications without a mandatory standards, encounter problems don't know what aspect, thus the right to choose the LCD splicing screen is very important. No can be accomplished without norms or standards, the following is the emperor ai emperor for everybody finishing top 10 standard about the LCD panel.

    1, be sure to choose has passed the national legal quality supervision and inspection department and the relevant administrative departments of certification and allow the production and sale of products, such as the DDW, its product quality and technology should comply with the requirements of relevant national norms and standards.

    2, LCD splicing screen the actual technical indicators should be consistent with product instruction is given, instruction given on the technical indicators should be detailed and specific.

    3, the technical indicators for the selected liquid crystal splicing screen, usually should be higher than the technical indexes of the whole system.

    4, to the requirement of the size of the LCD splicing screen, choose is: the greater the size, of course, is the better, the emperor of emperor ai LCD splicing screen splicing gap as low as 3.5 mm, almost seamless splicing, since joining together the smaller aperture, the greater the effect of this perspective, the better.

   5, choosing the LCD splicing screen, preferably with a fan, or pay attention to maintenance of LCD screen, use a fan or adjust indoor temperature, to extend the life of the LCD screen.

    6, had better choose metal shell LCD splicing screen, the LCD splicing screen has good shielding performance, (especially) after its enclosure grounding is not easy to suffer the space magnetic field interference.

    7, the position of the LCD splicing screen equipment, should make strong shot screen is not affected by the outside world. When there are inevitable light incident, should take corresponding measures to avoid light. (outdoor LCD screen according to environment to purchase corresponding material and brand)

    8, quantity: LCD splicing wall configuration can be determined according to the Numbers of the scene and the camera, generally USES the way of 4:1, if space is limited in the LCD splicing screen two configuration several small size LCD monitors.

    9, clarity, should according to the resolution of the camera used indicators, with a high resolution LCD splicing screen, LCD splicing the brightness of the screen are now better, 450 CD / 700 CD.

    10, liquid crystal splicing wall Settings should be unified with the design of the monitoring center, reasonable layout, convenient operation, easy maintenance.

    The LCD splicing screen

    Seamless liquid crystal Mosaic is the most important part of the screen display, we mainly from the display brightness, color reduction degree, visual Angle and flat-fell seam size for the discrimination of subjective consciousness; At the same time to carefully observe whether the overall structure of the liquid crystal splicing screen is strong, its appearance design is reasonable. In practical applications, the LCD splicing screen require hours of uninterrupted work, so its overall structure and firm performance is very important, directly affect the use effect of the product.

    Until today in development of DDW LCD splicing, flat-fell seam breakthrough, environmental protection, high definition has been an indispensable part of the LCD splicing industry, but technology is not enough, the service is necessary. After-sales service has always been the most high-profile link consumers, especially for large screen splicing products, from the installation, commissioning, maintenance, maintenance of the whole system and so on a series of work, big screen splicing system complex, high technical content, system users for the dependence of the after-sales service is very high, so in addition to technology, a perfect after-sales and LCD splicing is an important indicator of the long-term development. DDW application field of liquid crystal splicing screen has across government, transportation, energy, finance, radio and television, entertainment, health care, education, business and other industries.