The major difference between Mosaic screen and desktop screen

August 5, 2016

Currently on the market types of liquid crystal products and different let the user pick dazzled now commercial display chief supplier emperor Aidi for everybody simple introduction of ordinary liquid crystal display LCD splicing screen and the market difference. With the splicing technology is mature, LCD splicing screen performance also in constantly tends to perfect low power, slim and stylish appearance, long service life, the LCD splicing screen product service life of up to 100000 hours, support 7x24 hours work uninterrupted; and in 1920 x 1080p Full HD, uniform screen brightness, bright color high-definition display effect for LCD splicing screen is widely used in government, stadiums, transportation, energy, finance, broadcasting, entertainment, health care, education and other multiple industries.

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1. price difference:

Regular LCD splicing screen and liquid crystal display in the price is there is a certain gap, professional splicing screen assembly with metal shell, new a + industrial LCD screen, professional monitoring motherboard drivers, so cost than the display to much higher, now on the market a lot of cheap LCD splicing screen, in fact, are converted display, basically can be said is a display for a shell, even it is possible to use the old screen.


2.the difference between driving programs:

Shows that the motherboard is not the same, the splicing screen driver board mainly deal with the dynamic image better, the liquid crystal display the boot time is generally not more than 8 hours, the is civilian level display board, and LCD splicing screen to twenty four hours a day, 365 days of work burden, so must the professional monitoring motherboard to ensure higher brightness, contrast and sharpness of ultra high temperature resistant and, thereby reducing the use loss of screen. Ordinary display, if the use of a long time, its brightness and contrast will drop soon, affecting its service life. This is why most of the liquid crystal display in the project has just been completed, can normally display the image, but after a period of time will be the cause of some of the screen dark.


3.the difference between the visual angle:

LCD splicing screen visual angle can reach 178 degrees, while the ordinary liquid crystal display in the direction of 178 degrees can only see a blank. This is a very important criterion for the identification of the LCD splicing screen and LCD display. There is both of the input signal is not the same, splicing screen is mainly the input video signal, in order to meet the requirements, so the screen splicing interface will than many rich display different front-end equipment interface, such as emperor Aidi LCD splicing screen products with BNC, VGA, RGB, HDMI, DVI, variety of interface, to meet the different signal input requirements, and display of VGA signal input, interface is mainly VGA, S-Video, etc., and can not meet the requirements of various monitoring equipment of the input signal.


4.the difference between the LCD screen:

From the level of liquid crystal screen, using a liquid crystal display is civil display, and regular LCD splicing screen such as CITIC display is used as its products is high brightness industrial grade A + LCD screen and the backlight requirements is higher than the display, so that when the liquid crystal display on a display surface painting will send false, and can not reach the good effect of the image.