The most common processor interface

August 5, 2016

With the continuous development of science and technology, LED display screen mosaic / processor has more and more interfaces. In this case, some of the newcomers friends for a variety of interface is what, how to distinguish between each other is more and more. Here to give you a brief introduction of several currently available on the market the most common processor interface .

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DVI interface of the VGA, HDMI, DP and other large size, is the current LED splicing / processor the most important types of interface.

Its biggest advantage is fast and clear picture, DVI transmission is digital signal, need not through digital, analog to digital conversion is tedious process, greatly saves time, and to accelerate the speed and effectively eliminate ghosting phenomenon. Making DVI compared to VGA, the picture is more delicate, less susceptible to signal interference.



VGA interface a total of 15 pin 3 rows, each row of 5 holes, the vast majority of LED splicing / processor with such an interface, it transmits the red, green, blue analog signal and synchronous signal (horizontal and vertical signal).

Many people think that only HDMI interface to carry out high-definition signal transmission, some time this is a mistake, because through the VGA connection can also display the 1080P image, and even higher resolution can be achieved.



HDMI High Definition Multimedia Interface Organization in December 2002 officially released the HDMI 1 edition standard, marking the HDMI technology officially entered the stage of history.

HDMI can not only meet the resolution of 1080P, but also to support digital audio format. Compared with DVI and HDMI VGA interface is smaller, but because of its port is smaller and no reinforcement device, easier to loose, so the LED splicing / processor in the use of DVI and VGA is not widely used.



SDI interface is a kind of "digital component serial interface", using coaxial cable, BNC interface as the cable standard. That is to say we in the existing traditional simulation framework system for HD monitoring system, no re wiring, simply replace the front end and the rear end part, which will be for the project save tremendous time and labor costs. Therefore, in recent years, the use of LED splicing / processor gradually increased.


DisplayPort (abbreviated as DP)

In the high definition video is about to pop, there is no high bandwidth of the display interface is not based. At the beginning of the advent of DP, which can provide the bandwidth is as high as 10.8Gb/s. Even the hdmi1.3 provide bandwidth is slightly inferior to dp1.0; in addition, DP in addition to the audio and video signals share a cable, a cable can also achieve more functions. Is undoubtedly the greatest degree of integration and control of peripheral equipment.


But due to various constraints, the DP interface is still not led stitching / processor of the mainstream interface, but its superior transmission quality, highly scalable, more reliable content protection technology will is a new trend.